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Blueberry Ice Flavour

blu 2.0 liquidpod

Blueberry Ice Flavour


A mix of sweet blueberry and icy mint.

Our flavours are made with domestic and imported ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavouring, nicotine lactate, nicotine.

Our blu 2.0 liquidpods contain nicotine salts for our most enjoyable vape yet.

You will receive a pack that includes:

  • 2 x blu 2.0 Blueberry Ice Liquidpods (1.9ml)

  • Longer lasting pods

  • Magnetic lock to securely hold the pod into place

  • Ceramic pod technology for a smooth vaping experience with improved
    flavour & nicotine satisfaction

Only compatible with the blu 2.0

Also available as a blu bar disposable

Compact, charged and filled. Fits perfectly in your pocket with up to 600 puffs (based on average usage data)

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The improved taste of blu 2.0 capsules is delivered by PURLAVA™ heating technology, which uses ceramic wicks to ensure a truly satisfying flavour and vape experience.

Our capsules have been upgraded and expanded to give you 25% more puffs in every pod. Accompanied with our new battery design, they now have the staying power to keep up with you and your lifestyle for up to 8 hours*.

blu 2.0 capsules are only compatible with the blu 2.0 device

*based on average usage data

Blueberry Ice Flavour
Blueberry Ice Flavour
Golden Tobacco Flavour
Golden Tobacco Flavour
Berry Mix Flavour
Berry Mix Flavour
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blu 2.0 the next generation E-cigarette


You told us what you want from a vaping device. We listened.

Discreetly designed, made for your ease and convenience – with upgraded PURLAVA™ capsules for an improved taste experience – blu 2.0 is our most advanced e-cigarette yet.

Blu 2.0 device

Sleek design

blu 2.0 is designed to feel good in your hand and pocket. It is intuitive; an elegant device that unites form and function in its ergonomic design.

blu 2.0 and coffee

Rich, Smooth flavour

Our upgraded capsules use ceramic heating technology to deliver a satisfying vape experience.

Pods side by side

Extra capacity

Our new vape pods hold 25% more puffs – and our blu 2.0 device has a fully charged battery that lasts 8 hours*. From before work in the morning, to evening me time, blu 2.0 keeps up with you.

*based on average usage data

blu 2.0 close up

Features tailored to you

interactive product

pod icone
Longer Lasting Pods

25% more puffs compared to myblu




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