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What do Brits Find Better Second Time Around?

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A third of Brits think that takeaways and pizzas are better the next day, rather than the day they are cooked, according to a new study that looks at what the UK population think is better the second time around.

From giving relationships another go to never public speaking again, a nationwide study has revealed how the UK population feel about experiences for the second time.

The study, commissioned by vaping brand, blu, surveyed 2500 British adults over the age of 25 to get an insight into everything from learning new skills to rekindling old relationships.

When looking at experiences that would be better the second time around, kissing and sex came out at the top with 36% saying these intimate milestones are better once jitters are out of the way.

33% of participants thought new shoes were always better after wearing them once, with a further 33% agreeing that food was better when eaten as leftovers.

The study also looked into the experiences people would want to try again, with 27.75% of people wanting to go backpacking again.

Learning a new language was a close second, with 26.34% of people wanting to try it again.

Of the participants surveyed, 22% wanted to reattempt learning a musical instrument, with 20% open to trying to learn new skills again more generally.

The research also investigated what Brits would never want to do again, with falling out with family members as the most agreed upon at 25%, while public speaking was a close second at 23%.

When it came to giving people second chances, 80% of Brits would be willing to reconcile after breaking a cherished item.

A much more divisive area was gossiping friends, with just over half (58%) of respondents willing to forgive and forget.

With regards to rekindling relationships, only 17% of Brits would be willing to give a previously failed relationship another try.

Males and females are seemingly on similar pages, citing regrets from the initial relationship as putting them off the idea of getting back together, to the tune of 48% and 47% respectively.

While 59% agreed that apologising was the essential first step to reconciliation, 52% of respondents needed physical evidence that the other person had changed their ways.

There are some things, however, that many of the public believe are irreversible, with 74% of our respondents stating they would not give a second chance to an unfaithful partner.

Females subjected to unfaithful partners would walk away for good 80.02% of the time, while 32.86% of males claimed to be open to offering a second chance to an unfaithful partner.

Colette Flowerdew-Kincaid, a spokesperson for blu says;

“It’s no secret that we humans tend to cherish our first times. No matter how good these experiences actually are in reality, the novelty and nostalgia factors around trying things out for the first time can elevate them in our minds. This research, however, goes to show that the second time around is often that much sweeter than the first.

The second time around comes without fear of the unknown. Nerves ahead of a big life event, or going into an experience blind, can cloud it. When we get another go, we know what to expect and can, ultimately, do them better. It’s all about experience and confidence, as this research suggests.

This research also identifies that, regardless of how things went the first time around, there are things we would perhaps like to change given the right circumstances. Whether it’s the chance to put past mistakes right or have another go at a childhood hobby, we’re not always satisfied leaving it after the first time.

As we get older, the opportunity for some experiences like travelling may not be as tangible as others. But when it comes to the likes of learning new skills or rebuilding relationships, it’s never too late to try again.”

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