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    Why choose blu?

    There's a lot of choice out there when it comes to vaping. Here's 6 great reasons why you should try blu.


    A clear choice

    We don't need an endless range of devices. We're pretty proud of the ones we've got. Try our blu 2.0 vape pen for simple 1-click magnetic lock liquidpods, or blu PRO® for its easily refillable tank with a choice of e-liquids.

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    Range of flavours

    With 6 different flavours of blu 2.0 liquidpods and 10 e-liquids, we have something to please everyone – no matter which device you choose. Enjoy everything from popular tastes like Menthol and Blueberry to the exotic flavours of Mango Apricot and Cherry Crush.

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    Subscribe with Vape Subscription

    Cut out the time and hassle of reordering thanks to Vape Subscription. Look for the option at checkout and choose a frequency that suits you – once a week, every 2 weeks, or every 4 weeks. Learn more about our tiered subscription plans.

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    Free shipping

    Get free shipping straight to your door when you spend at least £15.

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    Dedicated support team

    Need some help getting started, or have a question that needs answering? Our friendly customer support team are available to reach by WebChat, or by phone from Monday-Friday, 8.30am - 6pm and Saturday, 9am – 1pm. No issue is too small, so reach out whenever you need us.

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    Thousands of happy vapers

    Join the army of vapers who have already made the switch to blu. Find reviews for e-liquids and liquidpods in the blu store. Tried a new flavour? Leave your own review and help others in the same position.