About blu® e-cigarette Flavours

Premium e-cig flavours from blu are manufactured in the USA following wide-ranging research and development. With the help of blu customers, we’re constantly exploring new e-cigarette flavour combinations to ensure we deliver a high standard of products to our customers. Whether you’re looking for minty, sweet or traditional vaping flavours, at blu we have a unique selection available to explore.


blu® Flavours, a brief overview














Strawberry Mint


  • We designed the strawberry mint e-cigarette flavour as a surprising combination of sweet and minty zest. The strawberry mint e-cigarette flavour is available in mybluTM liquidpods, blu® E-liquids and PLUS+ flavours form to fit the blu for you.


Blue Ice


  • Chill out with icy Menthol and wild, ripened blueberry flavours designed to make Blue Ice a uniquely fresh vape. Our Blue Ice is available in mybluTM liquidpods.


Bourbon Caramel


  • We’ve combined the delicate essence of aged Bourbon flavour with the creamy flavour of caramel for a taste that’s tempting but irresistible. Our Bourbon Caramel is available in mybluTM liquidpods.


Café Latte


  • Enjoy your morning pick-me-up and your blu all in one with hearty notes of roasted espresso beans and steamed milk. Our Café Latte is available in mybluTM liquidpods.


Eucalyptus Lemon


  • Inspired by the refreshing harmony of zesty, sour lemon with cool mint tones of eucalyptus. Our Eucalyptus Lemon is available in mybluTM liquidpods.


Ginseng Ginger


  • A spicy, sweet taste designed with the warming power of ginger mixed with the restorative effects of ginseng. Our Ginseng Ginger is available in mybluTM liquidpods.


Green Apple


  • Pucker up for a sweet and sour vape inspired by mouth-watering green apples! With a tart and tangy natural flavour, you’ll love the taste of freshly-picked Granny Smith apples. Our Green Apple Ice is available in mybluTMliquidpods and blu® E-liquids. it is compatible with mybluTM, blu ACE and blu PRO®


Mango Apricot


  • Vacation with our sweet and tangy flavour inspired by a taste of paradise. Enjoy notes of mango and apricot for a full fruit finish. Our Mango Apricot is available in mybluTM liquidpods.


Tobacco Crème


  • Try this rich, aromatic blend crafted for the flavour of full-bodied tobacco with notes of creamy vanilla bean. Our Tobacco Crème is available in mybluTM liquidpods.


Polar Mint


  • Invigorate with a blizzard of flavour. Our take on the crisp, refreshing fusion of peppermint is sure to leave you cool all year-round. Our Polar Mint is available in liquids.


Berry Swirl


  • Treat your taste buds to the taste of blended berries and cream. With strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry flavours, the taste of the Farmer’s Markets’ ripe and juicy berries is just a puff away. Our Berry Swirl is available in liquids.


Tropic Tonic


  • Experience this fusion of exotic flavours inspired by a taste of the Pacific Islands. With the subtle, sweet aromas of pineapple, mango and passionfruit you’ll enjoy a tropical getaway in every breath. Our Tropic Tonic is available in liquids.


Mint Chocolate


  • Cool notes of mint meets rich, decadent cocoa in our new Mint Chocolate flavour. Upgrade your blu experience with our take on a classic pair. Our Mint Chocolate is available in liquids.


Caramel Café


  • Indulge your sweet tooth with smooth, creamy flavour crafted for the taste of buttery caramel, layered with hints of espresso. Our Caramel Café is available in liquids.


Peach Passion


  • Sit back and relax with our take on the deliciously fragrant, ripe peaches. Enjoy notes of fresh peaches with spicy, subtle sweetness. Our Peach Passion is available in liquids.


Vanilla Crème


  • Our Vanilla Crème flavour is designed to be deliciously sultry, inviting and lightly aromatic for a taste that'll perfectly complement your relaxation time. Our Vanilla Crème is available in liquids.