About blu® E-Cigarettes

blu® has several different types of e-cigarette to choose from, with each one designed to give you everything you need for the perfect vape.


The myblu™ allows vapers to experience the best vaping experience from blu yet, including a quick rechargeable battery, flavour options, click & go liquidpods . This is the vape you've been searching for.

  • In terms of how the product works, the myblu™ e-cigarette comprises of the following:

    ▪  Rechargeable Device
    ▪  Liquidpod

A simple to use e-cigarette, the myblu™ Rechargeable Device is what’s used to power the atomizer. The atomizer is the element of the e-cigarette which heats the blu® liquid stored in the tank.

blu PLUS+™ Charge Kit


The blu PLUS+™ Charge Kit is ideal for customers who are constantly on the go. Allowing vapers to charge and recharge 5 batteries up to 6 times, this e-cig kit is powerful and reliable. The blu PLUS+™ Charge Kit is recommended for those who are looking for a simple to use e-cigarette kit.

Included in the kit is a silicone coated, smooth to the touch and rechargeable case, USB charging cable, 2 blu PLUS+™ batteries and 2 blu PLUS+ Tobacco™ cartridge refills.

blu PLUS+™ Slide Kit


The blu PLUS+™ Slide Kit has all the features that you need with the ability to experience more flavours. The blu PLUS+™ Slide Kit comes complete with a slim, easy slide e-cig case to protect your e-cig. This kit also comes with a blu PLUS+™ USB Charger and a blu PLUS+™ Battery for your charging needs.

blu PRO® Kit


The blu PRO® Kit is recommended for those who are more advanced into their vaping journey. The blu PRO® Kit offers a range of flavour options and a built-in function indicating when your e-cigarette device is due for charging.

The blu PRO® Kit contains 1 blu PRO® Clearomiser, 1 blu PRO® Rechargeable Device and 1 blu PRO® USB Cord.

Differences between kits