blu PRO® Rechargeable Battery Device

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  • Long-lasting high performance e-cigarette battery
  • User-friendly safety features
  • Easy side charging to charge fully assembled device
  • Blue triangle tips with five LED charge indicators

Our blu PRO® is efficient and powerful. Built for performance, this rechargeable device will last longer between charges. When you do need to recharge, it only takes three hours with blu PRO®’s built-in “safe charge” connection for fast, reliable charging.

Only compatible with latest blu PRO® device.

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"I purchased this battery about a week ago and it has proved to be an excellent purchase."


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blu PRO® Rechargeable Device

Designed to perform, our powerful blu PRO® Rechargeable Device allows for the flexibility to go longer between charges.

1 Pack Includes:
1 x blu PRO® Rechargeable Device



How do I know my blu PRO® Rechargeable Device is charging and is fully charged?

When fully charged, the battery tip will blink red and then turn blue. After charging, both the battery button and LED tip will blink 20 times before the device shuts down. Once your blu PRO® Rechargeable Device is connected to a USB-compatible device, the button and LED tip of the battery will blink three times and stay lit to show the battery is charging.

How often should I replace my blu PRO® Rechargeable Device?

On average the blu PRO® Rechargeable Device should last for about a year and it is covered by our product warranty for a year from the date that you receive the product. However, if you start to notice changes in your battery performance within the warranty period, it may be time to contact us about a replacement.

How long will it take to charge my PRO® Rechargeable Device?

It will take approximately three hours to charge your blu PRO® Rechargeable Device.

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