blu PRO® Clearomiser Tank

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  • Easy to use top-filling clearomiser
  • Large window to easily view your liquid levels

The blu PRO® Clearomiser allows you to fill your device with a wide range of blu® Liquids. Simple to fill and easy to use, you will spend less time refilling.

Only compatible with the latest blu PRO® device.

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This Clearomiser is a big improvement over the old pre 2016 type. Easy to fill, with clear view window. Gives a good vape."


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blu PRO® Clearomiser

The clearomiser (also spelt ‘clearomizer’) is the part of your e-cigarette where the e-liquid is stored.

Here's how it works:

  • Smooth draw every time
  • Optimised coil resistance gives your purer, cleaner taste
  • Top-filling clearomiser for an easy fill and no spills
  • Refined e-cig battery connection for a longer, better vape

  • Our blu PRO® e-cigarette clearomiser features a larger, tinted window that lets you see your level of e-liquid easily.

    For information on how to refill your e-cig clearomiser, head on over to the About blu Products section and watch the Getting Started With Your blu PRO® video tutorial.

    1 Pack Includes:

  • 1 x blu PRO® Clearomiser


    How long does a fully-filled clearomiser last before I need to refill it?

    Depending on your vaping style, your blu PRO® device will allow you to inhale approximately 300 puffs from a fully filled clearomiser. We recommend you keep your clearomiser at least a quarter full to maintain a better flavour. The e-liquid level can be monitored using the clear window on the side of the device.

    How do I fill up the blu PRO® Kit Clearomiser with e-liquid?

    Unscrew the mouthpiece and place the nozzle of your chosen blu® Liquid or blu PRO® Liquid against the inner wall of your clearomiser. Gently squeeze the bottle to coat the inner wall with liquid, avoiding the centre tube. Be careful not to fill the clearomiser past the top of the triangle in the clear window. Screw the mouthpiece back onto the clearomiser and prime as directed below.

    Can I replace the wick in my blu PRO® Clearomiser?

    No. Please don’t try to replace the wick in your clearomiser. If you do, you’ll damage the coil that makes the clearomiser work. This can lead to leaks and liquid in the mouthpiece. Depending on your vaping style, a clearomiser lasts around 300 puffs. It is also recommended that clearomisers are replaced after every 10 refills. There are a few signs that it may be time to change your clearomiser:

    • Less vapour production
    • Weaker flavour

    You can purchase replacement clearomisers on our accessories page.

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