How to use your blu ACE™ device

So you’ve gone and bought yourself a blu ACE™ Starter Kit. Exciting times. While you wait for your shiny new device to arrive, you’ll want to learn a little bit about how it works.

When the box arrives, you’ll find a blu ACE™ device – including a detachable mouthpiece – two atomisers, a micro-USB charger cable and a welcome leaflet inside. The first thing you’ll need to do is attach one of the atomisers to the bottom of the mouthpiece, as this will allow you to start vaping.

attaching an atomiser to your blu ACE™

Attaching an atomiser to your blu ACE™

The mouthpiece for the ACE™ comes attached to the device. To unscrew it, push down firmly on the airflow control ring at the base of the mouthpiece, then turn anti-clockwise. If you struggle, the top of the mouthpiece does detach from the rest of the unit.

Your ACE™ kit comes with two atomisers, which vaporise the e-liquid in your device ready for you to inhale. Take one atomiser from the pack and screw it clockwise onto the bottom of the mouthpiece.

The main part of your blu ACE™ includes a clear window, so you can see how much liquid is left in the reservoir, as well as a button. Fill your device by removing the mouthpiece and squeezing e-liquid directly into the open device.

To turn the ACE™ on, press the button five times quickly until it flashes. When you’re using the device, you’ll also need to hold this button as you inhale.

single liquid pod

Refilling your blu ACE™

Once you’ve attached the atomiser, you’re almost ready to start using your ACE™. First you’ll need to fill the tank with some e-liquid. With the mouthpiece still detached, pour a blu liquid of your choice into the top of the device, making sure not to exceed the ‘max’ mark. Once your device is full with liquid, you’re ready to start vaping! Screw the mouthpiece, with atomiser attached, back onto the ACE™ and vape away.

blu liquids

Filling the blu ACE™

  1. Unscrew the mouthpiece unit from your blu ACE™ by pressing down on the airflow control ring and unscrewing anti-clockwise.

  2. Hold the device upright on a flat surface with the mouthpiece unattached. To guard against unwanted spillage, you can lay down a paper towel or cloth on top of the surface. Fill the reservoir with blu e-liquid up to the ‘max’ mark.

  3. Take the atomiser head that came with your blu ACE™ and screw it tightly onto the bottom of the mouthpiece. Screw the mouthpiece unit, with the atomiser attached, back onto the device. Wait five minutes before using your blu ACE™.

  4. To refill the device, simply follow the first two steps. We recommend changing the atomiser head any time you use a new e-liquid.

Changing the atomiser

Changing the atomiser

The atomiser is the part of the device that screws onto the underside of the mouthpiece, vaporising the e-liquid ready for you to inhale. You’ll need to change the atomiser on your ACE™ if you switch to a different flavoured e-liquid, or any time you notice a slight decrease in vapour production. Typically, most vapers will only need to change their atomiser once every 2-4 weeks.

ACE™ liquids

Once you’ve received your blu ACE™ and attached the atomiser, you’ll need to choose the flavour of e-liquid that you want to vape. There are 13 different flavours and three strengths of nicotine to choose from. Try Tobacco and Menthol for traditional palates, or there’s Cherry Crush and Tropic Tonic for more exotic tastebuds.

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