How rto use your blu ACE vape device

Getting started with the blu ACE™

Welcome to our guide to the blu ACE™. On this page, you’ll find everything you need to understand and get the most out of your device.


Your blu ACE® will come with a little charge and can be used out of the box, but we suggest topping it up first. To charge your blu ACE™ simply plug the USB cable into a working USB charger port, then place the micro USB end into the side of your blu ACE™ device.

The button and reservoir of your blu ACE™ will blink three times and stay illuminated to indicate that the device is charging. When your device is fully charged, both lights will go out and your blu ACE™ will be ready to use.

blu liquids

Filling the blu ACE™

  1. Unscrew the mouthpiece unit from your blu ACE™ by pressing down on the airflow control ring and unscrewing anti-clockwise.

  2. Hold the device upright on a flat surface with the mouthpiece unattached. To guard against unwanted spillage, you can lay down a paper towel or cloth on top of the surface. Fill the reservoir with blu e-liquid up to the ‘max’ mark.

  3. Take the atomiser head that came with your blu ACE™ and screw it tightly onto the bottom of the mouthpiece. Screw the mouthpiece unit, with the atomiser attached, back onto the device. Wait five minutes before using your blu ACE™.

  4. To refill the device, simply follow the first two steps. We recommend changing the atomiser head any time you use a new e-liquid.

Using the blu ACE™

To get started with your blu ACE™, press the button on the front of the device five times quickly to turn it on. The button will flash to indicate it’s ready for use.

Every time you take a puff, press and hold this button. The light will illuminate as you press it. While holding the ACE™ to your mouth, keep the button pressed and inhale slowly and deeply. This will vaporise the liquid, allowing you to inhale and exhale the vapour.

Still got questions about your blu ACE™? Check out our FAQs or get in touch.

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