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Best Things You Can Put in Your Mouth


Best Things You Can Put in Your Mouth

At the end of the day, what is your blu cig? What is it really?

It’s something amazing that you can put in your mouth.

Having come to that succinct explanation, we decided that the logical next step was to find some other things which fall into the same category. That’s right. We’ve gone there. We’ve done it. We’ve produced our own list of… THE BEST THINGS YOU CAN PUT IN YOUR MOUTH!

A spectacular and contemporary Hot Dog

Remember the days when a hot dog was just a hot dog? Those simpler times when it was an average-sized frankfurter in a supermarket bun, covered in a combo of ketchup and suspiciously luminous mustard? They were still good even then. Pretty, pretty, prettttyyyy good.

But there have been changes. There’s been evolution. Hot dogs have grown. Upwards and outwards.

Better sausages, better buns… and a whole world of new toppings. On the downside, it’s increasingly difficult to actually fit a hot dog into your mouth. On the plus side, the stretching to do so probably burns the calories you’re about to consume.*


A stacked burger

Following on from the Germanic roots of the frankfurter, the noble burger has bamboozled many over the years; those who missed the clue of ‘Hamburg’ in the title and pondered why a beef product seemed to indicate it contained ham.

It doesn’t contain ham; it contains beef.  Granted, it doesn’t normally contain quite as much beef as this. Blimey.

The beef burger

A vitamin-packed burst of fruit and veg

We can’t just turn this into an article based around excess; everything has to have balance. Anyway, fruit and veg can be good too! Take the humble tomato. It doesn’t have to look like the ones you see in the supermarket. It can look like these specimens below. Like an intriguing yet alluring batch of factory seconds resulting from a fire at a snooker ball manufacturers. But with antioxidants.

Fruit 'n' Veg

Fruit salad is hard to resist; assuming it’s been freshly prepared, not just being poured out of the only tin still in your cupboard during a particularly torrential burst of rain on the day before payday and stopping you from phoning for a pizza.

What we’re talking about is an aspirational fruit salad. A fruit salad that tastes of hope, strength and the reality of fairies. A fruit salad like the one below.

Fruit Salad

An enticing slice of red velvet cake

Why is it red? What is it actually meant to taste of? What is the evolutionary imperative behind hinting that a cake may be made of dead mole? None of that matters. All that matters is that your eyes and mouth are irresistibly drawn towards it. Let’s be honest; if you’re in a café and it’s a choice between the Victoria Sponge and the Red Velvet Cake? Vintage chic goes out the window (don’t literally throw the Victoria Sponge out of the window though, most cafes have a strict policy of making you pay for defenestrated items).


The world’s most important food group: pizza

You thought we’d forgotten pizza? What kind of animals do you think we are?

Note that the pizza below has been cut into eight slices, reminding us of the much-quoted story of former Liverpool footballer Jason McAteer.  When asked if he wanted his pizza cut into four slices or eight slices, he is said to have uttered the immortal line, ‘Just four. I’m not that hungry.’


Who’s ‘not that hungry’ when it comes to pizza?


Your blu cig

We could hardly end this article without mentioning the pick of the bunch now could we? At blu UK we’re very proud of our products. And we’re pretty confident that our e-cigs are some of… the best things that you can put in your mouth!

blu e-cigs

*It doesn’t.

Images by jeffreyw, spilltojill, portmanteaus, cletch, rox sm and Tom Ipri, used under Creative Commons licence

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