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How Do bluNation® Points Work?

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One of the best things about being a part of bluNation® is that you can earn points that can later be used to save you money on blu® products in the future. But how do bluNation® points work? Here we look at what your bluNation® points are worth, how to use them and some of the special ways you can earn even more!

How Do I Earn bluNation® Points?

Every time you buy a blu® product online, be it an e-cig like the blu PRO® or one of our e-liquids, you’ll earn points that will be automatically stored in your account. By heading to the You section of our website, you can check how many points you currently have.

So How Many Points Will I Earn When I Buy?

You’ll earn a bluNation® point for every 20p you spend. To put this in perspective, if you were to buy a blu PRO™ Kit and 3 bottles of blu® Liquid, you would earn 285 bluNation® points. Below we’ve included a table that shows how much you can save based on how many points you use.


A table showing the value of bluNation points

It’s worth bearing in mind that if your order has a discount applied to it, the amount of points you’ll earn will be based on your reduced subtotal rather than the amount before the discount.

How Much Are My bluNation® Points Worth?

For every 100 bluNation® points you have, you can save a pound on your order. At the checkout you’ll be asked to enter the number of bluNation® points you’d like to redeem before completing your order. So if you’ve got a lot of points but would like to save some for later, that’s entirely up to you.


It’s also good to remember that if you’ve got a discount applied to your order, (for example if you’ve got 15% off blu PLUS+™ Refills for buying 5 or more) you can still get a reduction on your order by redeeming your bluNation® points and it won’t affect the discount.


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