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UK Vaping Trends

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Vaping has come a long way in the UK since it first burst onto the scene a few years ago, and according to some recent findings from ASH – a public health charity based in London – there are now more vapers in the UK than ever. A survey of adults from across the country taken earlier this year estimates that there are now 2.9 million vapers in the UK.

A graph showing the increase in the number of vapers in the UK since 2012

This figure has risen from an approximate 2.8 million vapers in the UK in 2016, and year-on-year vaping has grown immensely in popularity since ASH’s surveys began in 2012. Back then there were an estimated 700,000 vapers in the UK, meaning that in just five years the number of vapers in the UK has increased by a whopping 314%!

There’s no way of knowing the number of vapers in the future, but one thing that’s clear is that e-cigarettes are more popular than ever and there’s never been a better time to be a part of the vaping community!


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