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Darkmatta: the meaning behind the melody

Darkmatta: the meaning behind the melody

We caught up with DarkMatta to find out the meaning behind the song, and get an insight into how it all came together.

Inventive and rhythmically captivating, “Sweet Sensation” is one of the highlights of DarkMatta’s latest release, “Box Clever”. We caught up with DarkMatta to find out the meaning behind the song, and get an insight into how it all came together.

blu: What can you tell us about this song? How would you describe it?

DarkMatta: “Sweet Sensation” is a funky drum and bass roller, with hip-hop style verses, a rap hook, and sweet vocal melodies from our feature, FullMarx.

How did this song first come together?

ediT created the original beat in the studio with Sy. The track was natural and progressed quickly when Bluebelle recorded the vocals. We knew we were on something good with this one, we passed the track over to our man on synth, Cosmic Velocity, and he took over from there. After adding parts into the drums and synths, the track was at its first rough mix.

It was then down to the hooks. Sy added his part and it instantly had that DarkMatta sound! Next, we brought in our feature for the EP, FullMarx. He wrote his verse and vocals fresh to the beat and the track was passed over to DJ JonnyJazz who began digging through his samples and laced the cuts. Cosmic Velocity completed the final mix and master, making the track gel.

Was this a particularly challenging song to get completely perfect?

Cosmic Velocity: I found the mix quite challenging, there’s a lot going on in the beat, and it was difficult to get the vocals to sit right.

Which emotions did you draw from to write this song?

This song was born out of energy. ediT, SyDMC and Bluebelle caught the original vibe and Cosmic Velocity was feeling the energy as soon as he heard it. The track is a real feel good anthem, full of positive energy.

Is there any particular message behind this song?

The song is about loving the feeling of great music. You know that sweet sensation you get when you experience great live music? It’s about that.


How do you channel this into the live performances of this song?

The track is so full of energy, it actually hypes us up when we’re performing it. We love great music and this shows in the performance. We all dance around and really feel it on the stage.

With this mind, can you tell us what’s it like to play this song live?

Seriously, it’s amazing. We love it, the crowd loves it, it always goes off.

“Sweet Sensation” features on your EP “Box Clever”. What was the main inspiration behind this album?

The inspiration behind “Box Clever” was to make an intelligent drum & bass album with fat beats and conscious lyrics that can compete with other acts. To “box clever” is to outwit your opponent. It was the album to really put us on the map as serious contenders.