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blu’s Measures To Prevent Selling To The Underage Market

blu takes its duty of not selling to underage consumers very seriously

blu’s products are explicitly designed for adult smokers who are looking to switch, and blu never wants its products to fall into the hands of under 18s. In order to protect the underage market to its fullest, a number of procedures have been put in place – as explained below.

  1. In order to buy anything on the blu website, customers are checked against the UK Electoral Roll to verify their age. If their address is not found, customers must prove their age by uploading a form of ID.
  2. When buying products in-store, customers are asked for ID if they look younger than 25.
  3. Packaging designs are reviewed to ensure that they do not specifically appeal to anyone under 18.
  4. All models that blu uses in any type of content are always over 25. As well as this, blu’s team makes sure that the models look visibly over 25, so as not to attract any younger customers.
  5. All blu’s content is designed not to appeal to anyone under the age of 25 – this includes the website, blog, social media, emails and other communications sent to consumers.
  6. blu acknowledges that social media channels are all very different with regards to their content and target audience, and consequently adopts an appropriate approach for each, in order to protect the underage market. All of blu’s social media accounts have 18+ warnings and on Instagram specifically for example, blu never uses hashtags on any of its posts.

Duncan Cunningham, Head of CLA UK&I, said:

“At blu we are committed to ensuring that our e-vapour products are marketed responsibly and only targeted at existing adult smokers or vapers. We take our responsibility to stop those under the age of 18 from purchasing blu products incredibly seriously, and this is something that is ingrained throughout our sales and marketing practices. As part of this, we adhere to industry best practices for age-restricted products, the CAP Code and other regulatory requirements in this area. You can find out more information about our policies and procedures by visiting our website.”

blu continually reviews these measures to make sure they are up to standard, showing its ongoing commitment to preventing underage selling. If you have any questions, please get in touch with blu’s Customer Service team.