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5 gadgets that will make your life easier


5 gadgets that will make your life easier

With news this week of scientists from the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam creating the first teleportation device, we thought we’d look at new gadgets that’ll make your life just that little bit easier.

1. Connected Cycle Pedal

Described as “the first connected pedal”, not only can you track your bike, but you’re notified if it’s moved. As well as a security feature, the pedal also keeps a record of the route, speed and calories you burn while out. You can keep track of this data via your smart phone, calling for an end of you having to log each ride! In true 21st century fashion, the pedal creates its own energy and internet connection, so you don’t have to carry your phone when out. Will these feature in the next Tour de France? We think so!

2. Livescribe Echo Smartpen

Have you ever had a thought but forgotten what it was when putting pen to paper? Well fear not because 2015 is your year! The Smartpen allows you to record audio while taking notes, which you can play back later, so you’ll never lose any great ideas again. You can save these recordings to your tablet, smartphone or computer. And with memory that lets you store 800 hours of audio, hearing your own voice will never get old!

3. 3D Printer

With NASA making 3D spanners on board the Space Station, where does it end?! A 3D printer is a must. Imagine you’re round a friend’s house and you smash their favourite vase. Fear not, because you can step in and create a replacement one with your 3D printer – without having to run out to the shops. You could even print out some faux flowers to go with it. The opportunities are endless!

4. 4K (Ultra HD)

With HDs becoming a tad old-school, it might be best to change to the newer model. With clearer images and better performance, 4Ks will soon take the high ground in the ongoing TV battle. As well as a great picture, they also boast Active Shutter 3D performance which will make it easier to lose yourself and transport to the African wild when watching a documentary.

5. Smart watches

Just like Bond, you can now have a watch with gadgets. Well, maybe they don’t shoot lasers. Rumours say Microsoft, Apple and Google have been working on their own watches to sync with their smartphones. It’s all quiet on the Apple front, but Google have been gearing up for mass production of its watch, and hey, if it saves the struggle of wriggling your phone out of your pocket, I’m sold!

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