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7 Steps to Becoming a Daredevil


7 Steps to Becoming a Daredevil

In his famous Stanford Commencement address, the late Steve Jobs reminded us of how short life is and stressed the importance of living the life that we wanted to live. He told of how each day for 33 years he had asked himself if today was his last day on Earth, would he want to do what he was about to do, and how if he answered ‘no’ to too many days in a row it was time to make some changes.

In our Spring Clean Your Life Survey, 69% of the people we spoke to felt they’d become stuck in a rut. 51% of these people were bored of their routine. Maybe you feel the same. If so, it’s time to inject some excitement into your life. No more standing on the side lines. It’s time to live life to the full! Here are some suggestions on how to get started!

Try sky diving


One of the greatest adrenalin rushes around, what’s more exhilarating than seeing the world from above as you glide down to Earth? But you don’t just throw yourself out of a plane without any safety precautions! Take a tandem dive, which means you’ll be strapped to a skydiving instructor during the jump. You’ll be using a dual parachute, so you’ll control the canopy and the instructor will control the landing (phew!). Other sky diving options will require serious training.

Driving a stock car

The adrenalin will race through your veins while you blitz around the track in a powerful car. You’ll be left pretty much to your own devices as long as you follow a few simple rules. You’ll receive a safety briefing before you hop into your vehicle and engage in all the fun!

Diving with sharks

Getting into the water with these terrifying but misunderstood creatures is an achievement in facing your fears. Whether from within a diving cage or sitting within touching distance from behind a rock, witnessing the beauty of these majestic kings of the deep up-close and personal will stay with you forever.

Jump on a roller coaster

Ride the scariest roller coasters

Get ready to drop! Firmly strapped into your seat, you’ll experience high-speed thrills as you tear along, twisting and turning and looping loops. Some say it’s faster if you sit at the front, others if you sit at the back. There’s only one way to find out! Not sure which are the scariest ones? Here are 10 to put on your bucket list.

Rafting down the white water rapids

This tremendous stress reliever will have you hooked from the start. You’ll battle to stay in your boat and still move with the current. You’re out in the great outdoors against backdrops of mountains, woods and other splendid scenery. It’s about feeling alive, but always wear a helmet and lifejacket and follow the safety rules.

Rock climbing

This is a strength- and character-building exercise. You’ll face the fear of heights. You’ll persevere. You’ll want to climb ever higher and will be determined to succeed. When you reach the top, you’ll feel you can accomplish anything. Things that fazed you before will feel like mere trifles. You’ll climb attached to safety ropes. Always check knots, anchors and other gear before you scale the rock.

Try a bungee jump.

Bungee jumping

Talk about a break from the norm! Different to skydiving and slightly scarier, you’re attached to a bungee cord and you jump from a bridge in the countryside or a crane cantilever in an urban setting and freefall to the ground. You cover approximately 45 metres in just a few seconds before the bungee cord springs you back up. These adrenalin-pumping few seconds of pure freedom are thrill seeking of the highest order.

That’s how you can really start to live, but what’s the best blu™ e-cig flavour for your daredevils? Try out our NRG flavour — we can’t promise an adrenalin rush, but we can promise an energy buzz!

Images by Gonzo fan 2007, Flabber DeGasky and Helena Jinx, used under Creative Commons licence


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