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A Vaper’s Guide to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015


A Vaper’s Guide to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015

We heard some cracking jokes at last year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe — including one about a cosy e-cig shared between amorous robots that just couldn’t resist each other!

Here’s betting there’s plenty more e-cig related material to look forward to at this year’s festival. Vaping is now a global phenomenon and, as the modern alternative to smoking, it has not only made its way into the dictionary but also into our cultural imagination. Got any vaping jokes? Why not tweet us @blunationUK

In this post, we round up our top picks for this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe that are sure to delight and entertain equally.

A vaper's guide to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The Encounter

Complicite Theatre Company

Founded in 1983, Complicite theatre company is an ensemble of performers led by artistic director Simon Mcburney. Their latest production The Encounter is a thought provoking true story given an innovative musical and visual treatment. The Encounter follows the story of an American photographer in the Brazilian rainforest in search of a remote tribe, the Mayonura. The tribe, who were virtually untouched by technology and modernity at the time of the trip in 1969, give the American an ambivalent welcome.

What we like: One of Complicite Theatre’s mantras about performance is: ‘It’s never finished! It’s always evolving!’ This is how we feel about blu UK!

Official Link:

Dates: 8-23 Aug 2015

Tickets: £32

A vaper's guide to Edinburgh's Fringe Festival

The Completely Improvised Full Band Musical

Baby Wants Candy

Everybody is always saying ‘I love a challenge’ but the Baby Wants Candy comedy group have set themselves a real zinger: improvise an entire musical every night. Having improvised over 2,000 musicals across the world they have some pedigree. Obviously we have no idea what’s going to happen in this one but the group comes to Edinburgh with some stellar reviews. Sure to be one of the funniest and most dynamic shows at the fringe this year.

What we like: Improvisation is great! Go blu and you can try a new flavour each day of the week from Classic Tobacco to Strawberry Mint.

Official Link:

Dates: 5-30 Aug 2015

Tickets: £15

A vaper's guide to Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Discoteque Machine

Gianmarco Pozzoli and Alice Magione

You can’t leave the Edinburgh Fringe Festival without engaging in a bit of audience participation. Discoteque Machine relies entirely on audience participation for its concept. Fortunately the concept is dance! Discoteque machine promise that they will bring joy and freedom to people cursed by shyness (even if they’re wearing morph-suits that cover their entire face and body). Perhaps not one for disgruntled Edinburgh residents who can’t find a parking space — but everybody else will love it!

What we like: We love to dance at blu UK and we love that you can have a cheeky vape on the dancefloor!

Official Link:

Dates: 12-31 Aug 2015

Tickets: £12

Grab your blu™ Starter or Premium Kit and have a blast at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Our sleek, practical kits allow you to use your blu e-cig all day and switch batteries if the night turns out to be a late one!

Images by zoetnet, HolmesPalacios Jr. and Pete MaCanon, used under Creative Commons licence.

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