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blu’s Big Taste Survey 2015: what the UK loves and hates


blu’s Big Taste Survey 2015: what the UK loves and hates

The results of our Big Taste Survey are in.

From Kanye West to crispy kale, let’s find out what the British public love or hate. And discover the people, foods and flavours that divide the nation.

The Marmite test

We asked 4,000 Brits, “what do you feel really divides opinion?” We showed people a list of 67 things and got them to vote for the most contentious. Here’s the top three:

1) Russell Brand – 53%
2) Jeremy Clarkson – 51%
3) Selfies – 43%

Out of our mahoosive list, After Eights got the lowest vote for something that might divide opinion. Seems everyone loves the wafer-thin chocolate mints.

The North-South divide

When you split the results into regions, you get some tasty results too. Take green tea for example. Londoners love it the most, with 28% of the capital slurping it down. The Northern Irish can’t stand it however, with 33% admitting they hate the milk-free beverage.

When it comes to food, the country is unanimous that curries are amazing. Scots especially love curry, with 74% giving their vote. Just don’t offer Scots blue cheese; 45% of them hate it.

It seems almost everyone loves fish ‘n’ chips, especially those in the North East, where 81% of residents scoff them down. No doubt with a G&T, a favourite with N.E. England at 18%.

Brits vote Fish 'n' Chips...

What about cities?

So, what happens when you drill down to city level? Well, you find out that 44% of Aberdonians can’t stand the taste of liquorice. That 55% of Wolverhampton-ites love 2015’s health drink of choice, coconut water. And 69% of Worcester residents love marzipan. Fair enough.

The UK’s favourite summer flavours

As part of the survey, we asked people to pick out the flavours and foods they associate most with summer. After a lot of eyeballing and drooling (and wincing at Clarkson’s name), they settled on their top three:

1) Strawberries 84%
2) Ice cream 49%
3) Pimm’s 37%

In case you’re wondering, wasabi (0.6%) shook off quinoa (0.9%) for the least summery flavour.

Men vs. Women – who’s tastier?

So, how does taste compare between the sexes? Of all the things we asked people about, here’s what divided opinion most between men and women.

1) Crocs (the shoes) – (34% women : 19% men)
2) Brussel sprouts – (39% women : 28% men)
3) The Kardashians – (41% women : 32% men)

Of the list, men and women both agreed that people love or hate: Apple (the brand), cherries (the fruit), skinny jeans, MacDonalds, Nick Clegg and After Eights.

Surprisingly, men love chocolate more than women (56% / 52%). While women are much more affectionate towards avocadoes (40% / 29%).

Refined taste

So, do palates change with age? Well, 65% of the 55+ respondents thought people must love or hate Russell Brand. 47% of 25-34 year olds couldn’t care less about kale. Of all age groups, 35-44 year olds love Pimm’s the most.

“What about Parma Violets?!” Okay, easy. 48% of 18-24 year olds have got a sweet tooth for pink the confectionery (the highest of all age groups). For 45-54 year olds, the savoury Twiglet (23%) is the snack of choice.

Freshly cut grass

Taste nostalgia

Nearly two thirds of Brits believe some tastes make them feel nostalgic, while four in ten said a particular flavour can conjure up memories of a specific person or place.

Douglas Mutter, Senior Product Development & Manufacturing Controller at blu added: “It’s great to see that the blu eCigs range already boasts some of the nation’s favourite summer classics with berry-based flavours such as bluBERRY, Cherry and Strawberry Mint being firm favourites among our customers. We’re always keen to translate popular tastes into high quality e-liquids for adult smokers so watch this space for future sun-soaked flavours.”

Summer lovin’

Of the most popular things not on the list that remind people of summer, BBQs came out top. D’oh! We should of thought of that. Beer, cut grass and lemonade also scored high. What do you associate most about summer? Tell us in in the comments below.

Did you know, we make strawberry – the UK’s favourite summer flavour – in e-liquid?

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