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blu E-cigs: Your Way


blu E-cigs: Your Way

One of the most attractive things about switching from traditional cigarettes to e-cigs is the ability to modify them. It plays to our love of tinkering with gadgets – and showing them off afterwards. The team here at blu UK are proud to support our collective love of gizmos and that’s why blu™ electronic cigarettes come in a variety of kits and accessories.

This week, we reached out to some influential bloggers on the subject of e-cig modification to ask them what they’d like to see happen in the industry. Highlighted below are some of the responses we received. Ranging from the profound to the unusual, we collated an amazing variety of replies. Vapers of the world, we salute you.

Tank or Mod – Does it Really Matter?

‘It doesn’t matter what e-cigarette technology you are looking to use. Whether it’s a 2 piece, a 3 piece, a tank or a mod. One of the primary reasons why people are switching to e cigs is to find an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. My “ultimate e cig” would be a device that can deliver nicotine as fast as a traditional cigarette.’

Erik – E-Cigarette Reviews UK

Confessions of a Puffer

‘I confess I have a problem with electronic cigarettes. I have no problem with the devices themselves. I think they’re great, especially as they don’t set off smoke alarms. It’s the associated language I have a problem with. I could never quite come to terms with the word “vaping”. It doesn’t sound like something you’d want to talk to your granny about. Personally, I prefer the plain and simple term “puffing”.’

Richard –

Hunting down Perfection

‘Strangely you do end up building up a real affection towards some devices that you use, but I don’t think I have ever stopped to think about what I look for in mod perfection. I prefer a variable wattage device over a mechanical just for the control and everyday usability. In terms of style, I lean more towards the box mods over tube mods. Most of all, my device needs to be simple to use. Have I found the perfect mod yet? No, still looking.’

Dan – My Vaping Reviews

Inspector Gadget

‘I’m a bit of a gadget hound, so stuff with technology built in has always held a fascination. I like variable wattage for its versatility. But with high wattages the cost tends to be in battery life. I find a 30 watt mod used with a tank that works happily anywhere from 10 to 20 watts provides a nice balance of great performance and battery life.’

Steve –

E-liquid flavours

Breath of Fresh Air

‘Many people will tell you that you need adjustable power in your e-cig, or adjustable e-liquid control in your atomizer. However, we have long known that where performance is concerned, it’s all about the air. That should be priority number ONE. The other items can follow, but every part of vaping is related in one way or another, and without the correct amount of air to the coil there is no point adding the other go-faster bits.’

Vern –

Whether you are a seasoned e-cig veteran like these guys, or you are thinking of trying out a smoke-free alternative to smoking for the first time, browse blu’s e-cigarette kits and accessory today. Remember:

blu e-cigs are a positive lifestyle choice.

blu e-cigs are a smoke free alternative to smoking.

blu e-cigs are a modern alternative to smoking.

blu e-cigs are great value for money.

blu e-cigs are tobacco smoke free.


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