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blu hosts first ever speed vaping event


blu hosts first ever speed vaping event

New research suggests you can find the love of your life in just 36 questions.* We aimed to go one better in London yesterday, with just four questions. Like a vaping Cupid, we fired them at attendees of the world’s first speed vaping event…

We teamed up with dating expert James Preece to host the night at London’s Hoxton Hotel. He shook up the traditional speed dating format, letting love-seekers break the ice by answering questions inspired by our flavours. And, of course, tasting our e-cigs too.

Flirty flavours

First up, Preece split our guests into four groups and escorted each to a Cherry, Menthol, Classic Tobacco or NRG flavour station. Like a carrot-jeaned ceilidh, men moved clockwise, women anticlockwise – vaping each flavour and sharing answers to Preece’s questions. Conversation flowed, vapour rolled and flirting fired up as guests vaped their way from sofa to sofa.

Points from Preece

Whether you’re a fan of sports, cooking or vaping – hobbies and habits play a huge role in finding the perfect partner. Our event gave vapers the chance to meet likeminded people and explore their compatibility over a vape.

Dating coach Preece said, “Taste is a very powerful sense and our flavour preferences are hugely personal. They have the potential to provide a real understating of someone’s character, so I’m hugely excited to see what romances arise from the blu UK speed vaping event.”

“With all the different flavours available it’s a great opportunity to look into personalities and how they correspond with flavours. It’s also nice to be able to match up adult smokers who have vaping in common as the amount of people switching to e-cigs continues to grow.”

Speed dating event.

Which flavour made first base?

Like an expertly-crafted love potion, Preece prepared questions for each flavour. And the answers revealed insights into personalities and potential matches. So what did Preece observe?

He says, “To attend a singles party, you naturally have to be outgoing and open-minded. So it didn’t attract the more traditional types that would normally have preferred the tobacco flavour. Menthol and Cherry were the most popular, with the Menthol pickers focussing more on conversation and the Cherry crowd being more open with their body language.”

“Cherry being the favourite wasn’t really a surprise. That was the flavour associated with romance and seduction, so it was a natural choice. Our crowd really enjoyed experimenting with all the different flavours.”

Curious what your flavour is? Check out our cartridge refill and e-liquid flavours.

*Arthur Aron, ‘The Experimental Generation of Interpersonal Closeness’

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