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How to Date a Vaper


How to Date a Vaper

First off, well done, you’ve bagged a good one. Dating someone from the vaping community is definitely a step in the right evolutionary direction; it’s a terrific union and one to be nurtured. With that in mind, we’ve gathered some insightful tips on how to live in harmony with your vape-devoted other half; because we’re all a lovable bunch deep down.

Dating a convert

Chances are you used to be dating a smoker and you’re fairly relieved they’ve switched to vaping. Just think about all those times they popped out for a cigarette and left you in an awkward silence with their parents or the boss? Or having to factor in an extra 10 minutes so they can have a smoke when you go anywhere? Well, e-cigs are portable, wahey! That five hour train journey isn’t going to be spent soothing the ego of someone on a nicotine comedown.

The other positive of dating an ex-smoker is, and we hate to go on about it, but the smell. My oh my, the smell; in your clothes, in your hair. NOPE.

What to do if they lose their e-cig or e-liquid

If you’re going to date a vaper, expect their e-cig to be treated like a sort of child. It’s with them all the time, so if it gets lost, they’re just not themselves. Go easy on them though. Mop up their salty vape tears and order them a new one. Or look in the car. Nine times out of ten, it’s in the car.

Always matching their food to their flavour

The eccentric, or sorry, enthusiastic vaper might try and pair food with their vape flavour of choice. Here’s how the scenario might play out. You’ve been food shopping. You’ve just set the groceries on the kitchen counter, only to be told you’re eating a four course dessert menu because your other half is ‘really into strawberry and mint right now’. What a bunch of chancers and divas, but you love them anyway.

Show some love with strawberries

Many household additions

Michael McIntyre did a sketch about the ‘man drawer’. It’s that secret space full of old phone chargers, batteries and disregarded shopping lists. If you’re lucky enough to get that close to a vaper, they might just let you in on their vape drawer. It’s where terrible flavour decisions go to die. Then there’s the irrational insistence we vapers have on keeping old e-pens. What’s that all about? Well, there were just so many memories, you know? Good times.

If you’re living with a vaper, you’ll know there’s a special kind of battleground in any vape-friendly home: plugs. Expect duals and showdowns. Oh, you want to charge your phone? Well you better wait because we won’t leave the house without a full battery.

Vapour:  the most romantic of the scientific water states

Is your other half’s face perpetually shrouded in fog? Do your mates think you’re dating a cloud? All your photos together uploaded with the caption, ‘me and #Cloudsie’? At blu UK, we say ‘Embrace it!’ Just imagine you’re constantly in a re-enactment of ‘Wuthering Heights’ or something.

A touch of the vapersIf you look closely, you’ll see this is actually a vaper selfie

Dating a vaper is a privilege and a pleasure, often because they always smell of dessert. Have a look at our many fruity e-liquids and invite your other half to a scent-sational vaping experience.

Images by stevendepolo and alana sise, used under Creative Commons licence

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