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Inside a blu World with Oculus Rift


Inside a blu World with Oculus Rift

We’ve gone mobile…automobile that is, as we introduce our blu™ bus. Isn’t she gorgeous?! All dark and mysterious. And like many beautiful things, there’s more to her than meets the eye.


She transports an intriguing cargo; a cargo that will bend the mind and the senses, transporting all who enter to a world not of their own. It’s not witchcraft, well not of the potion-making and bat boiling variety – our bus comes fully loaded with Oculus Rift, the virtual reality technology taking the techsphere by storm.



Wearing the headset is very much, we imagine, like putting on the helmet Obi Wan made Luke wear in Star Wars IV to test his jedi-ness against the floating laser ball (obligatory Star Wars reference, check!). The inside of the visor is a screen upon which two lenses are placed focussing the image for each eye. Each eye is shown a different image creating a stereoscopic 3D scene. Cooler still is the head piece has sensors in that monitor head movement and adjusts the image on screen to the movement. This world isn’t just in front of you, it’s all around!

With the help of Rewind Studios in London, we’ve created an experience unique to blu. An experience you couldn’t get anywhere else.  Wearing the Oculus Rift you are totally immersed in a blu world, one which give you a sense of freedom, fun and exploration. We would love to be able to show you the experience but, firstly we wouldn’t do it justice and secondly, well, that would just be spoiling things wouldn’t it?
Our bus will be touring with our events team, join us on FB or TW for updates on when and where the bus is heading.

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