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Tough Mudder 2014 #teamblu


Tough Mudder 2014 #teamblu

Here at blu (UK) we love a good challenge. Saturday was no exception when some of us decided to take part in Tough Mudder Scotland 2014. Never one to turn down a sporting challenge, after some persuasion from my colleagues, I signed up. On the Saturday morning I woke up a with a slight dread in the pit of my stomach. I glanced outside and saw it was a typical Scottish day in June: a bit grey and a bit drizzly… What did I get myself in for?!

We all found each other at the bag drop and made our way to the starting pen. There were mixed faces of excitement, fear and apprehension.  We took part in the group warm-up to get us “pumped” for the course ahead, then off we set.


To give you an idea of what we were in for, Tough Mudder is an assault course spread over almost 12 miles with various different obstacles to tackle, lots of mud, water and some electrocution thrown in just for fun!

The first obstacle comprised of a muddy pit covered in barbed wire that you had to crawl through and come out the other side. I think this is mainly to ensure you are just covered in mud from the very start! One down, 23 to go… As we ran round the course, our team got split into sub groups with different levels of ability. Bruce (blu’s Chief Financial Officer), Robert and Richard from the Retail team steaming ahead at the front, Steve, our Head of Risk, holding fort and keeping everyone in check at the rear. We would catch up at some of the obstacles as a lot of them are designed to be tackled as a team like the hero walls for example, a series of 9 foot walls that you have to scale with the help of your team mates. Some personal highlights: trudging, crawling and falling through the mud mile. Tackling and surviving the Arctic Enema, probably the most feared obstacle, a vat of ice cold water that you have to plunge into then swim underwater to the other side to be hauled out by your team mates. Walking the plank with Lyndsey from the Design team, missing the cue to jump then following her lead. Successfully scaling Everest on the second attempt with a helping hand from the others. Then finally watching our Social Media Manager Jen defy the odds and cross the finish line, exhausted but still smiling through the Electric Eel, a muddy pit with cables dangling to ensure you get electrocuted just one last time…

By the end of the course, I think there was a sense of relief all round as each team member crossed the finish line safely, reaching for a beer, muddy and wet, worn out and bruised. Tough Mudder is a great personal challenge but you definitely need the help and encouragement of your team mates to spur you on when the fatigue or fear kicks in. So, thanks to Team blu for keeping each other going. It was tough, tiring, mentally and physically draining… Would I do it again… yeah, why not!



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