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Zara Martin’s Tastes of Summer


Zara Martin’s Tastes of Summer

We’re touring the country to find out the UK’s favourite summer flavours. And we’re not just talking strawberries ‘n’ cream and Irn Bru lollies (okay that might just be us).

We want to know your taste in films, fashion and celebs too. Basically anything you associate with British summertime.

To kick things off, we quizzed model, TV host, DJ – and the new face of blu – Zara Martin about her summer tastes. Here she talks about electric hairbrushes, girl crushes and Al Gore.

What are you vaping this summer?

“Strawberry Mint is my favourite e-cig flavour because it reminds me of classic British summertime; Wimbledon and Pimm’s. When I’m not vaping Strawberry Mint, I like the vanilla flavour too. blu does both, so I can get my summer fix whenever I fancy.”

What about summer outfits?

“Fashion wise, my summer tastes tend to be garden party-ready outfits that are bohemian and colourful. Or the complete opposite – crisp, tailored and white.”

Zara Martin vaper

If you could create your perfect e-cigarette flavour blend, what would it be?

“I love the menthol one, so something minty and fresh! I don’t think I’d necessarily have to create a whole new one, but maybe an Airwaves-inspired flavour.”

If you could only use one social media site for the rest of your life, which would it be?

“Instagram – because I’m really bad at all the others!”

If you could make any everyday product into a new and improved electronic version (like e-cigs), what would it be?

“I would love a hairbrush that could give you a head massage at the same time as you brush your hair. Something practical and relaxing at the same time; that would be amazing!”

What gadget can you not live without?

“My iPhone. I can’t live without it! I know it’s not very imaginative, but it’s so true!”

Who do you most admire in the world of showbiz?

“I don’t know if it’s showbiz, but I really love and admire strong women. Natalie Massenet from Net-a-Porter is an incredible example of a visionary businesswoman. I met her and was just blown away.

I also work with a charity called Women for Women, and Brita Fernandez Schmidt, the executive director, is just one of the most inspirational women I’ve ever met. She has done so much for women trying to re-build their lives; it’s pretty powerful stuff.”

Zara Martin goes Pro

You’ve been to lots of festivals and parties this summer. What’s been the best, and do you have any funny stories to share?

“Coachella, because I was DJing, and also there with friends. It was the perfect combination of work and play.

My funniest story was after going to see The Weekend. We were heading out afterwards, and I don’t know why, but I was wearing these ridiculous shoes, and my feet were killing me! My friend gave me a piggyback and was running towards the car park, and we somehow ended up in Justin Bieber’s entourage! It was so weird; we just had Justin Bieber jogging along beside us! We were like ‘Hey Biebs, what’s up?!’”

What would be your dream DJ gig? And what would you play?

“I’d really like to DJ in Tokyo. I’ve never been to Japan, but I think it’s my spiritual home. I always play hip-hop, so whether or not they liked it; I’d play it! Some Dr. Dre usually goes down well, along with a little bit of Kanye.”

Who is your ultimate celebrity crush?

“I can’t say; what if I meet him?! We might get married and then this will be really awkward!

I’ll tell you my celebrity girl crush; it would be Chloë Sevigny. I love the way she dresses and I think she is a really talented woman. Rosario Dawson, as well, I had dinner with her in LA and she was so cool!”

When you’re not partying or working, how do you like to relax?

“I like to relax by chilling on the sofa and eating what I want! I also enjoy doing yoga classes.”

Who is the most famous person that people would be surprised to hear is in your phone book?

“Al Gore. He gave me my first job, on a TV network called Current TV. He’s really cool; he wears cowboy boots and a suit – it’s a strong look!”

If you were hosting a theme party, what would the theme be?

 “I’m actually hosting a party for my headphone launch. It’s a wild collection based on animals, so the dress code is going to be ‘come as your spirit animal’. I think I’m an owl, but I can’t go as that! I think I’ll go for a cheetah or a leopard!”

You can find Zara’s summer e-cig flavours – Strawberry Mint, Vanilla and Menthol – right here on

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