Nic Salts from Blu


”Nic Salts” The New myblu™ Intense Flavours made with Nicotine Salts

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Experience the new myblu™ intense flavours that will satisfy your senses even more. The intense flavours are made using a different nicotine extraction process, meaning you’ll get a slightly higher nicotine percentage, and will enjoy a more flavoursome vape. Known as Nic Salts

The new myblu™ intense flavours consist of delicious Blueberry, Strawberry Mint, Menthol, and Tobacco.

What makes these new flavours so satisfying? Usually a raw form of nicotine is used in e-liquids, which is referred to as normal of freebase nicotine. The reaction from introducing a special acidic compound to the freebase nicotine results in the creation of nicotine salts and its unique properties. And by using these nicotine salts, these flavors make sure you get a stronger sensation when vaping than what you’re used to.

What is Nicotine salts or “Nic Salts”?
Nicotine salts are absorbed into the body easier and quicker than when vaping regular nicotine liquid. They are very soluble in fat and water, and thus more rapidly absorbed by the lungs, providing an instantly satisfying flavour when inhaling. Freebase nicotine affects the liquid’s overall flavour, and salts have next-to-no effect in this area, meaning you get a more flavourful, enjoyable and richer vaping experience.


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