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New E-Cigarette Regulations

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On the 20th of May, new laws are set to be introduced governing how e-cigarettes and vaping related products can be made and sold in the UK. There has been a lot said recently about how this might affect vapers across the country, so here we run through a few of the regulations and if they have any effect on you.

The main change will be to the size of cartridges and clearomisers, which from this date can be no larger than 2ml in capacity. The good news for blu PRO® vapers is that the clearomiser is currently in line with this regulation so there won’t be any changes to your e-cigarette.

The amount of nicotine allowed in e-liquid will also change. No e-liquid will be allowed to have more than 2% nicotine. Fortunately for all you blu® Liquid lovers, there aren’t any blu® Liquids or blu PLUS+™ Cartridge Refills with more than 1.8% nicotine at present, meaning that we won’t need to make any changes to your favourite flavours.

The size of e-liquid bottles is now also regulated to a maximum of 10ml, although again this won’t affect blu® Liquids as our bottles are all 10ml in capacity. There are also a few other ingredients, such as caffeine, which are now no longer allowed in e-liquid; however, all blu e-liquid is free from such ingredients so there won’t be any changes made after the 20th. E-liquid labelling will also need to be clearer once the new laws come into effect, but again this won’t affect blu® products as all of the ingredients are listed on the packaging.

So the good news is that the changes to all the products here have already been made, meaning there’s no need for a last minute rush and you are free to vape on!


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