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Lizabett Russo: The Meaning Behind The Melody

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Beautiful, ethereal vocals are one of the trademarks of any Lizabett Russo track and “Save Me From Myself” is no exception. The song is wonderfully supported by the subtle layers of strings, guitars, brass and backing vocals, and to find out more about the song and how it was written, we asked Lizabett to give us the inside scoop on what it means to her.

blu: Can you tell us about this song? How would you describe it?

Lizabett: I wrote this song when I 20, living in London without much money, doing ridiculous part time jobs, playing open mics and whatever gigs I could find. I don’t write many love songs but this is an exception, maybe because I felt lonely and isolated in the Big Smoke. This song is more like a confession but with many perspectives.

How did this song first come together?

Just sitting in my tiny room in North London. I had never played it live until I recorded it for the album last year.

Has the song changed much since you first wrote it?

Yes, it now changes key three times. I have also changed its original rhythm to something slower than when I was touring in Japan 2 years ago.

Was this a particularly challenging song to get completely perfect?

Nothing is ever perfect. I don’t think I try to obtain perfection. I just keep on playing it until it feels right. It’s just another story and a chance for me to release my feelings and thoughts during that particular time. But with song, just like with life, everything changes and takes a different shape every time the song is performed.

Is there any particular meaning/message behind this song?

Everyone gets lonely and depressed sometimes. We need affection and compassion to feel “human” again. Wanting to get past all the society nonsense and feel the love again.


With this mind, can you tell us what’s it like to play this song live?

The performance of this song usually brings tears in the audience – for some reason people always cry to this song. I use vocal loops to create a choir-type sound towards the end of  the song which is exciting to build. But every performance tends to be slightly different.

What was the reaction like when you played it live for the first time?

Some people were crying – but more like a happy cry because it reminded them of something personal. It felt like nostalgia to me.


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