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01 April 2017

Something Fishy’s Going On At blu

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To everyone who saw the announcement about our new Fish flavour e-liquid, we say…


Holy mackerel! We admit that the idea of Fish flavor e-liquid was a little out of plaice, but we haddock the best intentions at heart. Hopefully you weren’t caught off guard by this red herring – that’d be a real pain in the bass – and rest assured we’ll change our tuna once April Fools’ is over.

Unsurprisingly, there aren’t a whole lot of vapers who are looking for a fish flavoured e-liquid. That being said, we’re always interested to hear your thoughts and we’d love to get your opinion on what you think would make a great blu® Liquid flavour in the future.

It’s your ideas that keep us moving forward, so make sure to get in touch on our Facebook and Twitter page.

As a thanks for being such good sports, we’d like to tell you about our latest offer. When you buy 5 blu PLUS+™ Refills or blu® Liquids, you’ll get one free! Just use the code


to save at the checkout.

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