An image showing the new packaging for the blu PLUS+ range of e-cigarettes and refills


The blu PLUS+™ Is Back!

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Recently you might have noticed that you weren’t able to get the blu PLUS+™ range from our website. This was because the latest EUTPD regulations on e-cigarette packaging came into effect on Saturday 20th May, and this meant that we weren’t able to sell any of the blu PLUS+™ products in the old packaging. Since then we’ve been up all hours cramming our blu PLUS+™ e-cigs and refills into its brand new packaging to make sure that it’s all ok to go back on our website.

And we’re pleased to announce that the blu PLUS+™ range will be available once again from Monday 26th June!

There aren’t any changes to the blu PLUS+™ itself as it was already compliant with the rules set out in the EUTPD. Everything on the inside is still the same, and it’s what on the inside that counts! You don’t need to worry about any changes to your vape – you’ll still get the same great flavour and experience as before. There aren’t any changes to the price of the e-cig, kits or refills and you’ll still find the same two types of kits as before.


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