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blu’s Christmas gift guide for vapers

blu’s Christmas gift guide for vapers

From vape sets to Christmas vape juice, what is the ultimate gift for the vaper in your life? Let us be your little helper – check out our suggestions here.

Everyone wants to give the perfect gift at Christmas, but trying to find the ultimate present for the vaper in your life can be tricky. What kind of device would they want? Which flavours will they enjoy the most? And if you’re not a vaper yourself, what do all the different terms mean?

Luckily, blu is here to be your Santa’s helper, with our guide to Christmas shopping for the vaper in your life.

E-cigarette devices

There are two main types of e-cigarette – open and closed system devices. The main difference is that open devices are topped up with e-liquid manually, whereas closed system ones use ready-filled pods, which come with e-liquid inside and effortlessly attach to the rest of the device.

Find more information on the differences between open and closed system e-cigarettes on our blog.

The best way to check which e-cig your partner, friend or family member has – without ruining the festive surprise - is to look on the side of the device. If their blu e-cig has a clear window on the side, then it’s an open system e-cigarette. If the e-cigarette does not have a clear window on its side, it is a closed e-cig. Another way to tell them apart is to check whether the tank can be unscrewed or not.


Once you’ve deciphered this, you’re ready to choose some vape liquids! However, if your gift receiver doesn’t yet have a vape pen, or is looking for a new one, we can also help.

For vaping newbies, our closed device – the myblu™ Intense Starter Kit - is a great fit. As a vape set, it offers easy click-and-go vaping, not to mention an additional two e-liquid pods (Intense Golden Tobacco and Intense Menthol) to get them started. For vapers who prefer an open device, our blu PRO™ Kit is ideal, with a larger battery that lasts all day.

Alternatively, there is the blu PRO Starter Kit bundle, which comes complete with the PRO device, two e-liquids of your choice and a spare clearomiser (the part where the heating coil is stored on our blu PRO device).


E-liquids & liquidpods

Now we come to the really fun bit - choosing flavours! If they have a blu PRO open device, you will need to choose from our range of e-liquids, whereas if they have a myblu closed device you will need to get them something from our liquidpods selection.

Take a look at their old e-liquid bottles or liquipod packaging to determine the strength they prefer – either 9mg or 18mg – and see which flavours they typically buy. If they use liquidpods, be sure to check if they vape our Intense range – these pods contain nicotine salts for a smoother vape, and you will be able to tell as the packet will say ‘myblu™ Intense’ on the front of the pack.


We offer a wide selection of flavours, from fresh and fruity to earthy and savoury. If you’re not sure exactly what their flavour tastes are, or want to get them something new, why not check out our bestsellers range to get inspired?

Want a festive flavoured Christmas vape juice (another name for e-liquid) to help get them in the mood? We would recommend our Blue Ice liquidpods, our Polar Mint e-liquid, or our Mint Chocolate e-liquid, which always makes us think of yuletide treats.


Perhaps not the most glam of presents, our clearomiser is nevertheless a great gift for those blu PRO users who like to be stocked up. All devices break from time to time, but instead of them needing a whole new device, it may often be the case that your gift-receiver just needs a new part for their PRO. This item will ensure that their vaping experience lasts even longer

FYI, no spare part is needed for the myblu™ Intense Starter Kit.

So, what will you be gifting the vaper in your life this Christmas?

We hope this has given you plenty of inspiration on what to buy your vaping friends, family members or partner this Christmas. If there is anything in the article you have questions about, please get in contact with our customer service team, who will be happy to help.

And from all of us at blu, have a very merry Christmas!

  • blu PRO™ Kit

    blu PRO™ Kit

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  • myblu™ Intense Starter Kit

    myblu™ Intense Starter Kit

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