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Meet our new Intense Blue Ice liquidpod

Meet our new Intense Blue Ice liquidpod

05 April 2022 - We are so excited to launch our new liquidpod flavour, Intense Blue Ice!

Meet Intense Blue Ice! Only available online, this new flavour is the fifth in our popular myblu Intense collection.

If you already enjoy our Blue Ice liquidpods, we bet you’ll be a fan of our new Intense version, made with nic salts for an even more – well, intense! – vape. If you’ve never tried Blue Ice, it’s a unique flavour: blueberry with a hint of menthol, providing a notable freshness. Lots of you tell us how much you enjoy Blue Ice, with reviews highlighting the ‘spot on’ strength of the flavour – ‘not too strong or too weak’ – the ‘smooth icy flavour’, and the ‘cool taste of mint’.

What makes Intense Blue Ice different from Blue Ice?

Intense Blue Ice is made with nic salts instead of freebase. When using salt-based liquids, you may find that you can vape higher nicotine percentages without as much harshness. This is why each flavour in our Intense collection is 18mg/ml nicotine strength, whereas our original Blue Ice flavour is 9mg/ml. Nicotine salt remains in the inhaled e-cigarette aerosol until the aerosol reaches the lungs, where it is absorbed, giving some vapers a more satisfying nicotine hit.

Discover Intense Blue Ice

Myblu Intense Blue Ice with device

Like all of our flavours, our new Intense Blue Ice flavour uses carefully selected, high quality ingredients and is produced right here in the UK. Before your pack of liquidpods reaches you, the scent, colour and appearance of each liquid is tested to ensure only the best product is provided. Designed for use with our closed myblu™ device, these pods easily click into the myblu e-cig with no fuss. Tempted to give Intense Blue Ice a try? Let us know what you think of our new flavour on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!