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Best Vaping Cafés

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Being able to relax and enjoy the company of friends while you vape is something that every vaper looks forward to. However, many pubs and restaurants have said that vaping is no longer allowed inside their premises.

So is there anywhere to go if you want to have a chat over a cup of coffee with some friends while you vape? The answer is yes, and here we’ve picked out some of the very best vaping cafés from up and down the UK.

Shake ‘n’ Vape, Warrington

This American-style diner is packed full of amazing dishes and treats from across the Atlantic, including hearty subs, delicious hot-dogs and sumptuous milkshakes. There are also great discounts if you head down on your birthday, making Shake ‘n’ Vape the perfect restaurant if you’re after a vape to remember!

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Parlour Vapes, Manchester

Situated a short walk from the city centre, this hidden gem provides a relaxed atmosphere that makes it perfect for vaping with friends. Serving barista-style coffee and premium loose leaf tea, you’ll be sure to find the perfect cuppa to complement your vaping experience.

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Steam Tea And Vape, Nottingham

If variety is what you’re after, Steam Tea And Vape is the place for you. The café has over 50 different loose leaf teas to choose from, meaning even the pickiest vapers will find something to quench their thirst.

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KrayzeeVape, Enfield (London)

With super helpful staff and an array of milkshakes to pick from, KrayzeeVape has everything the more curious vaper could ever want. Also offering fantastic food, KrayzeeVape is perfect for vapers looking for a sense of community and advice on how to take their vaping experience to the next level.

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If you know of a vaping café near you that you think deserves be on this list, make sure to get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter so that we can help spread the word!


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