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How to survive Christmas party season

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December is a busy month. Office parties, Christmas dinners, New Year’s gatherings. It takes a lot to get through the festive season. So, with the social calendar beginning to fill up fast, we’ve put together the ultimate survival guide for the winter break. A handbook to nipping off early. The mistletoe-avoider’s almanac.


1. Take your vape pen


If one thing’s for sure this Christmas, having your blu device by your side will help break the tedium of a busy festive period. Don’t get trapped in a conversation about what your neighbours did this summer without having the myblu™ to hand. No one wants to live that alone.

And if you’re feeling a little more sociable, then taking your vape pen is a great way to meet other vapers – especially if you’re at a party where you don’t know many people. Take the opportunity for a vape break with fellow vapers, or just use it as an excuse to get away from the pack. As always, make sure it’s okay with the host if you want to vape indoors – or just pop outside whenever you fancy a break.


Can I vape indoors?


That depends on where you are. If you’re popping round a friend’s house for a Christmas party or a New Year’s bash, then you’ll probably be fine. Just check with them that it’s okay first. Pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants are usually out of bounds, but do ask the venue owner if you’re ever unsure.


2. Elasticated trousers


See also: indigestion tablets and a handful of Beroccas. Christmas is often seen as the season of overindulgence. With the drink flowing and the mince pies circling, it takes a strong mind to resist the temptation that the festive season has to offer.

If you intend to eat your weight in mince pies this Christmas, take a pair of elasticated trousers with you – as well as your vape pen, obviously. There’s nothing better after three big courses than settling back, undoing your belt and breathing easy. Nobody wants to feel the squeeze after overindulging on Christmas Day.


Vaping at Christmas


Distant relatives, never-ending board games and conversations about politics are enough to test anyone’s patience. Fit in a vape break every now and then to get yourself away from the mayhem. For your fellow vapers, our limited-edition Christmas Starter Bundle contains everything they’ll need to get started with blu.


3. Mistletoe repellent


There are loads of Christmas traditions out there, but some of them are weirder than others. Advent calendars we can get behind. But mandatory kissing underneath a bit of shrubbery? Bit weird.

Get yourself a handy excuse, just in case someone jumps out at you with mistletoe in hand. Use your myblu™ as a convenient get-out by saying you were just popping outside, and would they mind awfully.


Christmas vape flavours


Get a little festive this Christmas with some of the more seasonal flavours in our collection. Try Café Latte, Tobacco Crème or Bourbon Caramel for a liquidpod that suits the season. Or, for ACE™ and PRO® users, e-liquids include Caramel Café and Chocolate Mint.


4. Blank cards and a pen


Don’t be that person who didn’t buy one back when someone you least expected springs a Christmas card on you. Carry at least one blank Christmas card – and a pen, of course – to defuse even the most tense of situations.

Second cousins? Milkman? People you don’t like? Nothing a blank card and 20 seconds in a corner can’t fix. Probably best just to tuck one in your coat at the start of advent and leave it there till New Year. Go one better by wrapping up items from around the house – Christmas decorations, cans of soup, toiletries – and keeping them in the boot of your car as a makeshift present.

Ever been told “I got you one too – I left it in the boot of my car”? Now you know why.



Now you have all the tips you’ll need to survive almost everything that the hectic Christmas schedule can throw at you. We can’t stop you having to talk to relatives you don’t like, or sitting through re-runs of old films, but hopefully by following these tricks you’ll be able to shrug off any festive awkwardness that comes your way.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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