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Keep your vape experience running smoothly

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You may have heard about some reports from the US that have linked vaping to recent incidents of respiratory illness, and even death.

Like many vapers, we’re deeply concerned by these reports. Based on the little evidence that’s available, it seems the current reports of illnesses are related to vape devices and liquids containing vitamin E acetate, THC and other oils. Blu products contain none of these.

If you’re concerned about your vape device, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US has issued some advice that you can follow. They are encouraging vapers to “avoid buying vaping products of any kind on the street, and to refrain from using THC oil or adding any substances to products purchased in store”.

Now’s a good time to run down a few other helpful vaping tips that will ensure your experience continues to be an enjoyable one.

Choose an established and trusted brand


It’s important to know who you’re buying from. Thankfully, blu has been an established brand for more than a decade. That means you can trust that our products, ingredients and the vapour they produce have all been put through rigorous scientific health assessments. A team of over 300 scientists, engineers and innovators work to ensure blu’s vaping products are made to the highest safety and quality standards, and are supported by top science.

Although no vaping product is without risk, all the available data confirms our belief that blu products are likely to carry substantially reduced risk relative to smoking combustible cigarettes.

Buy your vapes from reputable retailers


Always make sure the products you buy are properly sealed, packaged and labelled. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when you use them. If you suspect your vaping product has been tampered with, return it to the shop where you bought it.

Never buy vape products from people on the street because you won’t know what the product is, how it was manufactured and whether it’s been tested. Even with closed-system devices, you won’t know whether the pod or cartridge has been refilled with an illicit or unknown substance.

Consider a closed-system device


Closed-system vaping devices – like the myblu™ vape pen – allow you to be sure that both the ingredients and the subsequent vapour meet pre-defined and regulated standards. With myblu™, there is no manual refilling. Instead, our simple one-click liquidpods allow you to switch between flavours in a matter of seconds. There are 16 flavours to choose from – from Menthol and Tobacco to fruity flavours like Green Apple and Cherry Crush – as well as three different nicotine strengths.

Don’t mess around with your device


Never modify e-cigarette products or add any substances to these products. Never risk vaping home-made or illicit e-liquids or adding substances to your e-liquids. This could result in you inhaling vapour that has not undergone a rigorous safety and quality assessment by professional scientists.

According to Dr Joe Thompson, Group Science and Regulatory Affairs Director for Imperial, the company that owns blu: “All our vaping products, their ingredients and the vapour produced undergo thorough scientific assessment prior to manufacture and sale. Our e-liquid ingredient selection is guided by toxicological principles and all our e-liquid ingredients undergo a rigorous assessment process.

“Our message to concerned vapers is that they should purchase vaping products from reputable brands and retailers and ensure that products are properly sealed, packaged and labelled.”

These are just some of the steps that you can take to ensure your vaping experience goes smoothly.


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