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Can I vape at the US Open tennis?

Can I vape at the US Open tennis?

This summer’s busy sporting calendar is still yet to serve up one of its best spectacles. The US Open 2016 starts on Monday August 29th and will showcase hardcourt tennis at its finest. Tennis fans will flock to Flushing Meadows from all over the country, but for any vapers heading to New York to catch some of the action one question remains: can you vape at the US Open?

The answer is no, as the US Open currently doesn’t permit e-cigarettes anywhere on its premises. In a copy of the terms and conditions from the official fan guide it states that:

“Guests who do not adhere to the US Open Guest Code of Conduct will be subject to ejection without refund and/or possible arrest and may be prohibited from attending future US Opens.”

The fan guide also warns guests against bringing items such as backpacks or sealed packages, as well as:

“Any other items deemed inappropriate or dangerous by the US Open personnel, in their sole discretion.”

Anyone wishing to vape will have to do so well away from the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. This is because the complex is situated within Flushing Meadows Corona Park, and under the New York Smoke-Free Air Act (SFAA) e-cigarettes cannot be used in areas which are deemed to be public spaces, and this includes parks. Ticket holders are able to leave the arena and re-enter by getting a hand stamp, and it is advised that as long as fans return during the same session, security will allow them back in. However, the US Open have also stated that any decision regarding re-entry is at the discretion of the security team.

If you have any further questions regarding vaping or e-cigarettes at the US Open, please contact the event organiser directly.