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Vaping tips for winter

Vaping tips for winter

Winter months can be harsh whatever your lifestyle or hobbies, with cold and wet weather making you yearn for the spring. But what impact can winter have on vaping and what steps do you need to take when temperatures drop to make sure your e-cigs are in full working order? Here are our vaping tips for winter.

Can E-Liquid Freeze?

One obvious question you might have about your e-cig is whether the e-liquid inside can freeze when the weather outside is frightful. The good news is that while it can freeze, it has a lower freezing point than water, so frozen puddles at your feet doesn’t necessarily mean frozen e-liquid. Water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius, while the two main components of e-liquid, Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin freeze at -12 degrees and -17 degrees respectively.

So, it’s got to be very cold indeed for e-liquid to freeze, though this varies depending on the particular mixture of ingredients in each flavour. One thing to bear in mind is that while your e-liquid might not turn into a popsicle, it may get thicker when cold, so you may need to pay extra attention to your clearomiser in the winter months to ensure peak performance.

Protect Your E-Cig

When winter has arrived, you need to take extra care of your car, motorbike, bike, etcetera, so it stands to reason that the same applies to your e-cig. One potential issue is that the cold weather can affect battery life, reducing it to around 70% of its usual capacity, so it is important to keep the battery warm as much as possible. In relatively mild temperatures, this can be as simple as keeping the battery in an inside pocket to prevent the cold getting to it or just keeping it somewhere where it won’t be exposed to the temperature for extended periods.

Keep Warm

It’s not just your e-cig that needs to be kept warm of course. Standing outside vaping in the winter is clearly very different to doing so in the summer, so you need to make sure you’re wrapped up warm. It’s the advice your mother gave you when you were young and it’s still the right advice. Gloves can be especially necessary if the wind is bitingly cold as at least one of your hands will have to be out of your pockets holding your e-cig. If you are somewhere that allows indoors vaping, definitely take advantage of the opportunity.

Look After Your Lips

Winter can be harsh on the lips, especially when they get chapped, which is usually the only time you’d expect your average man to use lip balm. But for vaping in wintertime, both men and women should consider using lip balm to make sure there’s no chance of the metal tip getting stuck to them. You’ve seen it happen in comedy films where people get their tongues stuck to sign-posts, and it really can happen when it’s cold enough, so take precautions.

Most of what you need to be aware of when vaping in winter is common sense and looking after yourself and your e-cig, but if you do have any problems with the latter, get in touch with our Customer Service team.