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What New E-cig Laws Mean for You


What New E-cig Laws Mean for You

New laws will affect how smokers use cigarettes and e-cigs in Europe. Let’s take a look at what the regulations mean for blu eCigs – and for you…

The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) is the set of laws put in place by the European Commission (EU). It covers the manufacture, presentation and sale of tobacco and related products. So that’s e-cigs too.

New rules were set in motion in May 2014. The EU wants to ensure the quality and safety of products for consumers. (That sounds pretty good by us.) We’ve got till May 2016 to comply with the TPD. So, what have we got to do?

What does it mean for blu?

By 20 November 2016, blu (along with other e-cig companies) must provide the EU with information around manufacturing, traceability and the quality control of our products – including everything that goes into them. So, we’ll provide lists of ingredients, information on nicotine levels/uptake, what parts make up our e-cigs and more.

What does it mean for you?

We get asked about the plain packaging a lot. Thankfully, the plain packaging laws will only apply to traditional cigarettes. So you’ll still enjoy your cool blu packaging. And the shape of your case. Only slim, lipstick style cigarette packs will come off the market under new laws.

You’ll still get to choose your nicotine level too. So for blu™ e-cigs, that’s 0, 6, 12 and 18mg.

Are you a menthol puffer or cherry vaper? Chill. You’ll still get to enjoy all your blu flavours. Proposed bans on flavours only concern traditional cigarettes and rolling tobacco.

Let’s do this

We take a lot of pride in our transparent supply chain, and having complete control over what goes into our e-cigs. So we welcome the new TPD. It’s the best way to ensure you guys get a quality and consistent product to enjoy. We feel everyone should be open to regulation, as strict quality control will only improve the market – and e-cigs.

In other words, you guys can relax. We’ll continue to comply with all regulations so you can keep on enjoying your blu products.

Find out more about the TPD >

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