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Inside the blu Lab


Inside the blu Lab

In the blu lab, which is located in the heart of our Edinburgh headquarters, I sample test each and every batch shipment from our factory to ensure they are of the high quality and standard our customers expect from us. I check everything from Premium cases to USB cables.

Personally, my favourite items to check are the cartridges, as it’s all done by hand without any need for machines, with the exception of the weight of the cart. The reason for weighing them is because each cart contains a set amount of ingredients, the most important of which are nicotine, pharmaceutical grade and propylene glycol (USP grade) and flavouring. Flavour is key for us at blu so we have to vape each cartridge, which is a pleasure as the flavours are so good, to make sure they are up to the standard we know our customers enjoy and expect. The main things we check for are:

  • Weight of each cartridge
  • Taste of each cartridge
  • Possible leakages
  • Duration of use

When it comes to checking the blu batteries, we test about 10 batteries at a time, so it’s like a disco in the lab with all the LED lights! The first thing that we will do with all the batteries is check for a power output that is within the strict tolerance zone. Then we will charge up the batteries and time how long it takes; it should be no more than two hours to fully charge a battery. We will also check the air flow on the batteries to make sure they vape nice and smoothly. We use a specialised handmade machine, which will artificially vape a battery and a cartridge together to check how many “puffs” each battery will last for before it needs to be recharged.

When we check the Premium cases we cover a number of things; such as ensuring that the USB is connected to the internal cell and charges, that the battery is not loose or moving about inside the case and that the touch-to-charge pin is wired correctly and works. We also need to ensure that all loose cell / mother board issue soldering is all correct to avoid any problems with loose wires.

In addition to this, if a customer ever feels that a product is not up to the standard that they would expect from blu and contacts the customer services team, then that item will come directly to the lab, where we check each return by hand.

We take a lot of pride in this kind of quality control and careful attention to detail to ensure that our customers receive only the best products from blu.

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