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Scientists discover why we get so excited about autumn


Scientists discover why we get so excited about autumn

It’s official; British Summer Time is over. But new research reveals there’s more than an extra hour’s sleep to brighten up our autumn mornings.

According to leading consumer psychologist Dr. Paul Marsden, celebrating small, seasonal changes in our everyday lives makes us happy. And he’s discovered why.

Feel brand new

According to Dr. Marsden, we all have ‘sensory-seeking’ and ‘nostalgia-loving’ traits which make us mix up our daily routine as the seasons change. Our need to shake things up comes from our desire for sensory pleasure and excitement. And achieving it can be as simple as ordering something new from a seasonal menu, taking a new route to work, or buying a new winter coat.

Winter wardrobes make us happy

Lovely melancholy

Our excitement over small, seasonal moments also relates to nostalgia. Dr. Marsden’s research shows that nostalgia can actually make us feel warmer. And it’s a powerful tool to combat anxiety.

So changing your routine and indulging in that first mulled cider of the season could help us beat the winter blues.

As Dr. Marsden says, “Psychologically, our need to shake up routines is grounded in the ‘sensation-seeking’ dimension of our personality. The changing of the seasons is a logical time to adjust to our daily routine and there are lots of small things we can do to satisfy this side of our persona, subconsciously helping us get through our everyday lives. This, coupled with nostalgia, is a key factor in why we seek reasons to ‘love autumn’.”

Variety = happiness

5 ways to love autumn

With the help of Dr. Marsden, we’ve come up with five ways to help you satisfy your sensation-seeking self – and shake up your daily routine to get that autumnal feeling.

  1. Swap your skinny latte for a Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte
  2. Scoff down the Pret A Manger Christmas range (available from November)
  3. Smokers should switch from traditional cigs to cherry flavour e-cigs
  4. Singletons should try new dating apps – such as Bumble – to find someone to keep you warm
  5. Wrap up warm and try a new route to work, taking in the autumnal winter mornings

Beanies make you happy

A great way to keep cosy – and break out your new autumn wardrobe – is to wear a beanie. But what’s the right beanie for you? Best check out our guide.


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