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The Cafes You’d Open Just to Vape in!


The Cafes You’d Open Just to Vape in!

Unless you’ve spent the last year living in a cave, you’ll have heard about the cereal café in Shoreditch and crisp café in Belfast. If you have been living in a cave though — don’t despair. You can use that interior décor experience to inspire a new theme café of your own.

At blu UK, we’re not averse to having a vape in some quirky surroundings, but we’re also not averse to taking the mickey a tad either. That’s right, we’re mavericks.

As such, we’ve been coming up our own ideas for… the cafes you’d open just to vape in!

Vapes and Vol-au-Vents

The ultimate in 1980s dinner party chic as you and your friends enjoy some creamy mushrooms in puff pastry, in between puffs on your e-cig. That’s only one option though. The other is for it to go full-blown ‘pop-up’ and be housed in a tent. Why? Well, for no better reason than to facilitate some awkward joking about ‘canapés under canopies’.

Which vape juice should you reach for as the perfect accompaniment? Tobacco Gold, of course. Or should we say, Tobacco GOLD! GOLD! Always believe in your soul!

Sorry. We had a Spandau Ballet moment there.

Scarfs, tats and e-cigs
Lost in thought. Pondering the beauty of a cheese and onion pastry puff

The Nut House

Think of it, a café selling only nuts and/or nut-based products! It’s an idea so good that we’re scared to Google it in case we discover that it already exists. Recline on a chaise-longue while tucking into an almond-flour loaf liberally smeared with peanut butter, with walnut whips to follow.

The only thing that could make for an even richer experience? Why, a Rich Tobacco vape to go with it.

Smart-Cazh Fromage (say it in your head!)

We all love cheese, right? Nobody gets left behind these days either, because you can get vegan cheese, goat’s cheese, sheep’s cheese and so on. Well, we say ‘and so on’, we haven’t had llama’s cheese. Yet.

Anyway, the point is that cheese offers such an amazing variety of tastes, textures and aromas that you could probably base a café on it alone. Almost alone, anyway. Once you’ve tucked into that gorgonzola you might want to reach for your e-cig and a vape on some menthol liquid.

Spaghetti Hoop Dreams

Crisp cafes? Cereal cafes? What’s missing from the growing hipster-isation of student flat culinary reminiscences? The noble spaghetti hoop! But fear not. We’re pretty sure the day is coming when you’ll be able to tuck into some dried-up spaghetti hoops as if they’re cereal, some diluted spaghetti hoops as if they’re soup and some sweetened and frozen spaghetti hoops like they’re a bold new gelato experience that Ben & Jerry could only come up with in their wildest dreams.

Which vaping experience would counterbalance things perfectly? The luxuriant nature of Vanilla e-liquid.

The Fundue

Why the name? It’s because it serves fondue and it’s fun!

Get it?



OK, don’t let the name put you off, we’re all friends here, right? After all, if we don’t like anything then it’s just ironic. Still, how could you not like picking your own preference of bread or strawberries or bread-with-strawberries-on-it out of various bowls of melted stuff?

And just to ensure that strawberry tang is complimented by a refreshing blast of minty cool, why not opt for Strawberry-Mint e-cig liquid as a post-fondue treat?

It's the cafes we'd open just to vape in
And this is just the amuse-bouche

What happens if we don’t open these exciting new cafés?

Of course, there is the possibility that we may not actually open any of these wondrous establishments. All is not lost, though. The best bit of any of them is the vape afterwards and you can still enjoy that even without one of our — frankly inspired — eateries.

Thinking photo by Nick Fuentes and fondue photo by Javcon117*, both used under Creative Commons Licence.

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