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The Vape Flavours We Rejected


The Vape Flavours We Rejected

At blu UK, we’re committed to making sure you get the best flavour experience possible from e-cig liquids. We hope that comes through in our diverse selection of delicious flavours. Of course, the mark of taking the time to carefully choose and develop our range of flavours isn’t just in the flavours we have; it’s also in the flavours we rejected…

Cheese and Onion Vape Juice

Most e-cig manufacturers would have dismissed the very idea of utilising this flavour, but we know it’s a classic and you never dismiss a classic. The richness of the cheese, the sharpness of the onion… it’s basically a relaxing evening in the pub with the enlivening tones of Bonnie Tyler in the background.

All that said, in an e-cig it’s a disaster. It took up valuable time too which could have gone into pulling off a viable solution to what we’re calling, ‘the prawn cocktail problem’.

Durian Fruit Cartridge Refills

We already have Cherry, bluBerry and Strawberry Mint on our list of flavours, so you can tell that we’re fruit aficionados. We’re always on the lookout for the next tangy taste sensation to add to that list, so why wouldn’t we consider the durian fruit? Well, possibly because the Guardian referred to it as ‘best known for its pungent smell, variously compared to sewage, rotting flesh or, at best, ripe cheese’.

It’s easy to focus on the negatives, but at blu we’re positive people. We want to see the best in everything. Even in fruit that smells like sewage.

So how did we get on? Well, you know, fine. Except that we had to introduce a sick bucket to the tasting department and one of the staff got their mum to write a letter saying they couldn’t come in. On the plus side, a couple of the team utilised the rotting flesh aroma to give a whole new 4D feel to watching zombie movies.

Would you vape durian fruit? Durian fruits: Fine on the back of a pick-up van. Terrible in an e-cig.

Wasabi e-Liquid

The frustrated thespians on the tasting team found this one to be a revelation — an easy way to generate tears on demand! The verdict from the rest of us? ‘Cut!’

Garlic Vape Flavour

This one was inspired, like inhaling a trattoria! We were heady with the excitement of the vape and were sure that we’d cracked it! Then we went home and kissed our partners. Rejected.

Smoky Bacon Vape Juice

We had such high hopes for this one. Obviously, it was going to require some tweaking of the name (vapy bacon, anyone?) but we could have dealt with that. The failure of this flavour took us by surprise. After all, the aroma most likely to turn a vegetarian would surely pack a taste punch? That it did; unfortunately that punch left us reeling and the referee was forced to step in and end the fight.

Bacon e-liquid anyone?Mmm, crispy vapin’. Or not.

Salted Caramel E-cig Liquid

Rejecting this flavour will seem like heresy to many. After all, it’s almost impossible to avoid salted caramel these days. You get it in chocolate, in cake… and yesterday we even got a salted caramel bus to the office (we didn’t, we’ve just thrown that in as a dramatic device).

The problem here wasn’t with salted caramel itself, we just had to ask — does the world need another thing flavoured with salted caramel? For now, we’ve decided to say no. A no that will stand until a show called Come Vape With Me starts on TV and we need a dessert vape flavour.

What about the flavours we didn’t reject?

Thanks to the rigorous development processes we’ve just lifted the lid on, we’re confident that our selection of flavours is second-to-none when it comes to a great vaping experience. Want to try them? Take advantage of our starter kit offer.

Images by Jim and bacon photo by cookbookman17, used under Creative Commons licence.

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