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What makes blu™ e-liquids unique?


What makes blu™ e-liquids unique?

You’ve probably seen those websites that sell hundreds of e-liquid flavours. They’ve got names like Black Panther, Rogan Josh and Tinky-Winky Elderflower. (Okay we made those up.)

We’ve only got nine flavours. Yup, not even double figures. Truth is, we go for quality over quantity. And, as you’ll find out here, we put a lot of time and effort into getting each flavour just right before it ever reaches your lips.

The tasting panel

Our analysts are always researching the market, looking for popular e-liquid flavours. But we find the best place to start is by asking you guys what you want to vape. That’s how we created our most recent flavours Strawberry-Mint and bluBerry. We ran a poll on Facebook and you guys decided.

Once we have a shortlist of flavours, we create a “base flavour” with different versions of each for our tasting panel to sample. A bit like whisky connoisseurs, with a few more tats, they vape their way through each. They test for things like smell, quality of vape, body, flavour and aftertaste.

They make tasting notes and tell us if, say, bluBerry is too syrupy sweet (like “candyfloss” according to the panel) and needs to be more natural. Or if we have to tweak an e-liquid to taste all its big flavours – as with blu Strawberry-Mint.

Secret sauce

Once our panel has made their final tasting notes, our in-house flavourists work their magic. They’ll enhance our tobacco flavours to make them more realistic. And add the special ingredients that make our menthol unique.

Next, it’s refining each flavour and adding our “secret sauce” – the bit that makes us stand out from the competition. We could tell you what it is, but we’d have to track you down and scald your tongue with hot tea so you don’t tell anyone.

e-liquids pic

Flava makers

To make each e-liquid, we only use the highest quality ingredients. Our nicotine is top quality, and we only use the highest grade propylene glycol (PG). That’s US pharmaceutical (USP) grade. USP PG (stay with us) gives you that “throat hit” smokers enjoy with cigarettes.

We use natural ingredients too. And, and like all our products, we have complete control over what goes into them. We don’t buy the same old ready-made flavours available to all other brands.

Tasty testing

Once we’ve made the e-liquid, we do more testing. We test our first batch over and over to make sure everything’s perfect. It’s only after all this testing, tasting and refining, that we release blu flavours for you to enjoy.

What new flavour would you like us to make? Tell us and we might just make it happen.

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