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10 Celebs Who Love an E-Cig


10 Celebs Who Love an E-Cig

Here at blu UK, our love of e-cigarettes is matched by our fascination with celebrities. And whenever a new celeb is papped enjoying an e-cig, it gets us wondering what flavour they’re vaping.

Like modern day Rupert Pupkins, we decided to chase them around town on scooters and hide in bushes outside their homes to find out what flavours they vape.* Here’s the scoop.

Simon Cowell

When X Factor producers busted Cowell’s chops for smoking INSIDE the studio, he asked blu to make him a bespoke Pro Kit. We dutifully obliged with a tailor-made leather e-cig. Until someone brings out Money flavoured e-liquid, we reckon Cowell will have to settle for Tobacco Gold. It’s big and bold like the great man himself. Full bodied. And smoother than Sam Smith’s voice.

Cowell's tailor-made e-cigarette

Katherine Heigl

Katherine caused an uproar when she started vaping LIVE on the David Letterman Show. It was a bold move. So bold, we reckon the Knocked Up actress would need the full-bodied flavour of Rich Tobacco. And she’d definitely have to vape it with a Pro Kit and blow massive plumes of vapour IN THE FACES of shocked Americans.

Kate Moss

Model Moss hit the headlines recently when she flew her driver first class to Spain with her forgotten e-cig. Kate is said to have paid £2,000 for the 850 mile air trip. Obviously, she’s someone that SHOULD NEVER BE DEPRIVED OF NICOTINE. That’s why we recommend Kate stocks up on Tobacco Variety Packs in bold 18mg nicotine, of course!

Stephen Dorff

Dorff loves blu. So much so, he approached our US colleagues to be the face of blu – in return for some free e-cigs. When he’s not being chased through a nightclub by Blade, Dorff likes to relax with soothing vanilla. Dorff, he’s behind you!

Face of blu US - Stephen Dorff

Courtney Love

When she’s not chasing Steve Coogan through the streets of LA, Courtney enjoys a good toot. Fans of her band, Hole, will know her guitar playing can suffer a little when she’s not 100%. To help her focus and hit those rifts, Courtney should try out our NRG E-liquid.

Tom Hardy

When heartthrob Hardy asked us to make him a customised e-cig, we jumped at the chance. To celebrate his ‘raven clan’ – a boy’s club dedicated to the black bird, and match his raven tattoo, we created a raven Pro Kit with sand camo. Okay, you like ravens Tom, we get it.

Hardy's Raven Vape

Leonardo Dicaprio

Famously filmed at the Oscars ceremony sneaking a toot, grinning through an e-cig as Matthew McConaughey swiped the Best Actor Oscar. Always the bridesmaid, we reckon Leo should vape Menthol to chill out. The Oscar will come Leo, chill!

Zara Martin

Model, DJ and TV presenter Zara Martin recently teamed up with blu to promote our Taste of the Summer campaign. Always at the forefront of fashion, Zara was snapped enjoying blu Strawberry Mint after our survey discovered that strawberry is the UK’s favourite summer flavour.

Made in Chelsea’s Jamie

We teamed up with celebrity jewellers Crux London to create bespoke silver-plated e-cig with tartan design for Made in Chelsea star Jamie. It’s a nod to his Scottish roots and the McVities clan. We tried  using biscuits, but they kept crumbling.

Jamie's silver e-cig

Katy Perry

Pop sensation and tabloid favourite Katy is frequently papped enjoying an e-cig. So, what does she vape? Well, it has to be cherry. She likes it. Tastes likes a cherry chapstick. Okay, easy, Katy.

*We didn’t, honest.

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