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15 ways to spend your e-cig savings


15 ways to spend your e-cig savings

So you save money with e-cigs, but sometimes it’s hard to visualise just how much you’ll save by switching from cigarettes. Well, rest those mental muscles, and find some spending inspiration.

The average pack of 20 cigarettes costs £7.50. If you smoke 20 a day, here’s how much you’ll save – and what you could spend your money on.

Sun, sand and Segways

If you switched for a year, you’d save £1,982. That’s enough for:

– An all-inclusive, luxury trip to Cuba
– 15 city breaks for two in Europe (and Segway hires)
– Family holiday for four to Disneyland Paris
– Five-day safari in Tanzania

Looking for some inspiration where to go? Check out blu’s Alternative Travel Guide.

Sun, sand and Segwys

End-of-month treats

It’s not just big stuff you’ve got to look forward to. You’ll notice the difference each month. Switch and you’ll save £165 a month. That’s enough for:

– Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses
Orla Kiely handbag
– Santinelli tailored suit
– Samsung Galaxy tablet

Weekly delights

It’s bad enough waiting for pay day, so why not treat yourself every week? Switching will save you £41 a week, enough for:

– an Xbox One or PS4 game
– Stalls seats for Wicked The Musical
– Starter, main and dessert for 2 at Pizza Express
Pair of Levi jeans

Wicked The Musical

Seize the day

Want to celebrate EVERY DAY? We hear ya. Switch and you’ll save £6 a day. That’s enough for:

– A Trenta Caramel Frappuccino® from Starbucks
– An HD rented film from Amazon or Xbox Live
– 2 Tesco, Boots or Sainsbury’s meal deals (plus change for a magazine)

Don’t smoke 20 a day? To find out exactly how much you’ll save by switching from cigarettes to ecigs, try our Savings Calculator.


Calculations here are based on £6.99 cost for 3 cartridge refills (equivalent to 90 cigarettes).

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