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3 fun ways to save money


3 fun ways to save money

Looking to hunker down and save some money? Well, being frugal doesn’t have to be fusty. Here’s our top three tips to save cash and have fun doing it.

1. Binge-watch Breaking Bad

Okay, it doesn’t have to be Breaking Bad. But you’ve got that box set you’ve been dying to watch. You know, the one all your friend’s have been talking about. Well, get the duvet on the couch, load up with homemade popcorn and snuggle down for a box-set marathon. Stay in, save money and meet characters like McNulty, Jessie and Nurse Jackie.

2. Gamify comparison sites

So you got those shiny new tablets and phablets for Christmas. Now’s a great time to hit the comparison sites and switch energy suppliers, car insurance and credit card companies. But grown-up stuff doesn’t have to be serious. For every saving you make, reward yourself with some quality gaming time on your new device. Here are our top 5 games to play on your phone or tablet.

Heads Up
Like ‘Who Am I?’ but way more fun. Hold your phone up to your face and film your friends giving you clues to the characters’ identity. Makes for a great pub game too.

Being a new company, we love this guessing game that gives little clues to name the logo. Maybe our logo will be up there soon.

Jetpack Joyride
An insanely addictive platform game where you fire bullets, bubbles, rainbows and lasers from your jetpack. You’re never too old to fire rainbows.

Buttons and Scissors
Like Tetris but with buttons, and well, scissors. Snip off the sewing buttons in this logic game that trains your brain – and leaves you desperate to beat your last time.

The Walking Dead
If you’re still hungry for “braaaiins” after watching the TV show, this game gives you new storylines to play. With simple touchscreen controls and eye-popping visuals, it’s like playing a graphic novel.

3. Go swishing

Who knew eco-friendly could be fun? “Swishing” is when you host a party and your guests bring items to swap. Clothes, records, bags – you name it. So, could that unloved little black dress be working its magic for your neighbour? And have you been eye-balling her knee-high boots? Now’s the time to throw a party. gives you tips to set up your own swish party.

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