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5 new things for vapers to try this November


5 new things for vapers to try this November

If you’re one of the thousands of smokers who switched to e-cigarettes in October, and want to keep on enjoying something new, then check out these vape-tastic things to try this November.

1. Use your blu as a sparkler

Now you can enjoy sparklers inside! Just swap the finger-singeing sparkler for a blu e-cigarette, and make blue LED tracers this fifth of November. And remember, remember, if you’re heading out to watch the fireworks, take a spare battery with you just in case.

Try an e-cig instead of a sparkler.Time lapse photo of a vaper waiting for a bus.

2. Explore new flavours

Most smokers who come over to the world of e-cigarettes start off with tobacco flavour. And why not! With three tobacco flavours to choose from, we love tobacco too.

But discovering vaping means you can explore all kinds of weird and wonderful flavours. Did someone say NRG? You can also buy a blu Pro Kit and top up with other brand’s flavours. Just make sure they come from as reputable a brand as blu!

3. Experience vape cafes

Now you’re a vaper, new doors of socialising are open to you. Including vape cafes! Keep swinging by the blu blog to check out our Where to Vape series which names some of the best ones to visit. So far we’ve covered Edinburgh, London and Glasgow, but we’ll be coming to a city near you soon.

Until then, follow the trails of delicious vapour to find a vape cafe near you. You’ll know your taste buds are coming back to full strength when you discover how e-cig flavours complement coffee. Like the mocha notes of Rich Tobacco.

Protect your e-cig on the go

4. Get yourself some vape accessories

Don’t just stop at your e-cig! Now you need to get the gear that’ll make you a fully-fledged vaper. And we’re not just talking spare batteries and clearomisers; but the bags, straps and covers to keep your vape clean, safe and on you at all times. You’ll find loads online, but you can always customise your own. Pop your e-cig in a pencil case. Carry your flavours in a posh toiletries bag. Or keep you vape in a sunglasses case. Get creative!

5. Learn some vape tricks

You’re never too old to learn new tricks. And switching from smoking to e-cigarettes gives you a lot more to play with. You can try out vape rings, circles or bubbles made possible by vapour.

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