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6 Replies to Non-Vapers!


6 Replies to Non-Vapers!

In the world of the vaper, there are two types of people you’ll meet: ‘chargers’ and ‘drainers’. Chargers will inspire you, encourage you, give you a helping hand. Drainers will do the opposite; they’ll frustrate your progress and drag you down.

When you make a positive change — like moving from smoking to vaping — and you get stick for it, just remember the difference between chargers and drainers and breathe easy. Arm yourself with some key facts and the next time someone criticises your decision to vape, politely give them the lowdown. Below you’ll find six common misconceptions about vaping and some iron-clad replies.

How to defuse e-cig myths

Vaping is too complicated!

Welcome to the uncomplicated world of vaping. Charge up your device like you would your phone, fill your device with e-liquid (which contains nicotine) and take a puff. You’ll feel a satisfying throat hit before exhaling a delicious water-based vapour that disappears almost immediately. Many people use disposable e-cigs which take even less effort to operate — just open the packet and you’re good to go.

The idea that vaping is too complicated is an unfortunate symptom of tobacco dependence. The tobacco gremlin inside the non-vaper argues that smoking is easy and vaping is complicated. Don’t listen to the gremlin!

All blu™ products have user-friendly designs. Look at our FAQs page for more info.

Vapers will miss the flavour of tobacco!

You’ll find that many smokers can’t wait to see the back of tobacco’s flavour. For others though, the familiar taste of tobacco will retain a strong attraction. No problem: blu UK offer a range of classic tobacco flavoured e-liquids to recreate the sensation of smoking. Try it before you knock it!

Vaping isn’t any cheaper!

The average pack of 20 cigarettes costs approximately £7.50. Your average 10ml bottle of premium e-liquid costs you £5 — that should last you 3-7 days. If you smoke 20 cigarettes a day, switching to vaping can save you over a thousand per year. Check out just how much you can save with our savings calculator.

Money saving vapers

E-cigs don’t look good!

E-cigs come in a variety of styles — some look like traditional cigarettes, some don’t. The beauty of switching to vaping is that you can personalise your look to suit you. The question then remains, if all traditional cigarettes look the same is each one a stylish accessory or a hopeless cliché?

blu UK products have a sleek and stylish design. We make our kits with you guys in mind. Looking for that cigarette-like experience? Our Starter and Premium Kits are for you. Want to take your vaping experience to the next level? Try our Pro Kit and E-Liquid range.

There aren’t any advantages over smoking!

Vaping is tobacco smoke free. That’s a fact. Become a vaper and you, your belongings and your home won’t smell of stale tobacco smoke all the time. There are also many places that permit the use of e-cigs inside. And then there’s all that money saving business again. Pah, free money? Who wouldn’t want that?

You can’t build the same association with your brand or flavour

With the rise of plain packaging and health warnings, cigarette brands look like they’re becoming a thing of the past. The vaping world on the other hand is becoming a vibrant community of competing brands, personalities and flavours.

Killer replies to non-vapers

Build an association with your favourite flavour. Are you a cheeky fruity sort of character or more of a sweet dessert flavoured creature? It’s up to you.

Become a pioneer in the vaping revolution! Try a new flavour today with blu UK.

Images by m01229, Mukumbura and Sigfrid Lundberg, used under Creative Commons licence.

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