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blu’s Guide to the Advantages of E-Cigarettes


blu’s Guide to the Advantages of E-Cigarettes

Whether you’re a veteran vaper or a relative newbie, it’s worth looking at the advantages of e-cigarettes. E-cigs were invented as a substitute to traditional cigarettes and are considered a modern alternative to smoking. When you switch to vaping, you’ll notice a profound effect on your social life, confidence levels and wallet — not to mention you won’t smell like the aftermath of Mt. Vesuvius.

A smarter alternative to smoking

Do you remember that 90s classic, Mariokart? Eyes glued intensely on the screen, frantic thumbs, you could see that you were winning. But then it all goes pear shaped. You realise you’ve been looking at the wrong window the whole time and have been driving repeatedly into a wall for the last ten minutes.

When you switch to vaping, you realise that smoking is one massive banana peel slip into a brick wall. It gets you nowhere and it’s just not fun anymore. But you won’t know until you start vaping. Not only do e-cigs provide great value for money and offer adjustable nicotine strengths, but they also come in a wide range of flavours. This makes them a fresh alternative with both design and user in mind.

Discover how fun vaping can be.

They won’t make you smell awful

There are a few things in this world that really delight the nostrils, such as bakeries and bacon and other tasty smelling goods. And it’s time to add e-cigs to that category, because the scientists at blu UK are on to something. We sell fruity combinations, flavours with a punchy mintiness and buttery smooth tobaccos in several varieties — it’s practically a vaping buffet. Cigarettes, on the other hand, don’t smell so fancy. Musty, engrained and yellowing clothes come to mind, which certainly isn’t endearing. Even if you can’t smell it, believe us when we say that other people can.

Social life

Okay, we know what you’re going to say: the smoking area is where the party’s at and we won’t disagree with you — but we prefer to call it the vaping area. Not spending money on cigarettes every day frees up your money for happy stuff like eating out, drinks with friends, the cinema and hobbies. It also makes the commute/work/watching TV immeasurably better and with a guaranteed 100% less smoke.

Saving money with e-cigs

Confidence boost

It’s no secret that turning your back on traditional tobacco cigarettes is a tough gig, so just imagine how good you’ll feel about yourself when you opt for e cigarettes instead of regular ones. The very fact that you made the switch to e-cigarettes will boost your confidence. Our e-cigarettes are tobacco smoke free, too, so you can enjoy the same nicotine hit and engage with people more comfortably, rather than worry about how you smell.

Stoptober is on the way, so this is a good time to make the switch happen if you’ve not taken the electronic route already. There are sure to be lots of cigarette smokers doing it, so you won’t be alone! E-cigarettes are a great modern and smoke-free alternative to traditional cigarettes, so why not get the ball rolling with a Starter Kit and give some of the different e-liquids in our range a try!

Images by C.Fountainstand and Images_of_Money, used under Creative Commons licence

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