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Freedom of the DJ – Our Electrifying New Documentary Series


Freedom of the DJ – Our Electrifying New Documentary Series

Take a journey through electronic music.

Over the series of eight films, you’ll discover the history, evolution and lifestyle of the DJ. With exclusive content, retro footage and interviews from headline DJs, you’ll find out what it’s like to live and breathe the UK club scene.

Watch the series here…

Episode 1 ‘Introducing’

Our story starts with the sequined revolution that was disco. Follows how house music made it over to the UK. And ends with the mass market global domination of DJs today. You’ll see how Francis Grasso invented beatmatching in the disco halls. And get to watch pioneer DJ Greg Wilson perform the first ever live mix on TV (with a 70’s clobbered Jools Holland looking on).

Modern artists like Zed Bias, Boddika and Amy Becker give their take on technology – from the cross-fader and 1210s to the rise of computer programmes like Traktor. Modern advancement or threat to the art of turntabalism? Watch “Introducing” to find out.

Episode 2 ‘Liverpool’s House’

‘Liverpool’s House’ gets under the skin and discovers the people behind the birth of the famous Liverpool house music scene.

With interviews from James Barton – Rolling Stone magazine’s ‘most influential person in EDM music’ – and DJs like Seb Fontaine, John Kelly, Greg Wilson, we find out about how Cream became the most famous super club in the world. Discover its humble beginnings in Liverpool and the club nights that came before to make it all possible.

Episode 3 ‘Not In My Backyard’

In this episode, we’ll remember the iconic London clubs that have come and gone. And discover the reasons behind their closure.

Featuring Mr C, Seb Fontaine, Billy Reilly, DJ Marky, Nicky Holloway and many more…

Episode 4 ‘Live Streaming’

In this episode, we gain exclusive access to the Mixmag live stream LAB and find out the benefits for a DJ.

We speak to the people behind the scenes at Mixmag, discovering what it actually takes to make a good stream. Getting behind the camera at some of the most hotly tipped live streams at the Mixmag offices, and travelling with the team to Glasgow as they get set to stream a blu tour event across the world, you’ll discover it’s not always as easy as it looks!

Featuring Art Department, Crazy P, Jonas Rathsman, Kry Wolf, Pedestrian and many more.

Episode 5 ‘Studio To Club’

Episode five of the documentary series Freedom of the DJ provides exclusive access inside the studio of emerging producer Weiss as he puts the finishing touches to a brand new track before debuting it in one of London’s hottest clubs.

Episode 6 ‘I’m a real DJ’

In this episode we follow legendary Brazilian DJ Marky on tour, revealing the reality of life away from home on the road as a DJ.

Episode 7 ‘Sonic Sound’

As we conclude our UK DJ series, we explore the world of sound design within the the clubbing experience. We speak with the pioneers of the industry, the DJ’s involved at the core of the discussion, and those who are taking the experience of sound away from the club domain and to new and exciting environments.

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