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Game, Cig and No Match! What Flavour Would Your Wimbledon Hero Be?


Game, Cig and No Match! What Flavour Would Your Wimbledon Hero Be?

Wimbledon is once more upon us and the TV commentary boxes will be packed with the great and the good of past events. Oh, and Pat Cash will be there too.

We’ve taken some time out to ponder which vape flavours our tennis favourites would be. Why? Well, it was that or learn how to switch off the annoying paper clip on Microsoft Word we’d turned back on after all these years because we thought it would make work like a retro-gaming experience.

Anyway, we’ve whipped out our e-cigs, put our feet up on the desks and taken a wander down memory lane…

Andre Agassi

Agassi was a classic showman in the David Bowie mould as he managed to craft more than one distinctive look and era for himself. The Vegas wildman with the long blonde hair won the tournament in 1992 before returning to the final in 1999 rocking a look of ‘only the man Phil Mitchell could have been’.

What vape flavour would Agassi be? It has to be Rich Tobacco. Bold, with a long-lasting and satisfying taste. Just like the great man’s career.

Andre Agassi flavour anyone?He was great at tennis. But you should have seen his brother, Grant

Martina Navratilova

Navratilova played in 12 Wimbledon finals and won nine of them. At that point, you’re still not allowed to keep the ‘Venus Rosewater Dish’ that’s awarded to the Ladies Singles winner but hopefully you’re at least allowed to eat pizza from it.

Which e-cig liquid flavour for the Czech legend? Classic Tobacco for a genuine classic.

Boris Becker

Boris Becker won the Wimbledon men’s singles title in 1985, 1986 and 1989… yet none of these may actually be the London event with which he is most associated. A five minute broom cupboard assignation with a Russian model at swanky restaurant Nobu (how appropriate you find that depends on your pronunciation) has possibly overtaken his on-court achievements in the eyes of the tabloid press.

Either way, his exploits require an icy cool level of nerve, so we’re nominating Boris as the obvious candidate to be Menthol vape juice.


So far, Federer’s won seven Wimbledon titles; meaning he’s pretty much on high-fiving terms with The Wombles. To go alongside all of those Wimbledon wins, he also boasts an Olympic doubles gold medal from the 2008 Beijing Olympics. This, coupled with his overall Midas touch, makes him the obvious choice to be our Tobacco Gold vape flavour.

Venus and Serena Williams

Sometimes you get a combination so good that it just blows everything else out of the water; or the vapour. With five Wimbledon singles titles each plus five Wimbledon doubles titles earned as a pairing, the Williams sisters are that duo. We like to think that we have a pretty nifty duo ourselves, making the Williams sisters Strawberry-Mint. Which do we prefer between the strawberry and the mint tones of our e-cig liquid? Like the proud parents we are, we love both equally.

Andy Murray

Andy Murray’s become a changed man in recent years. He’s won at Wimbledon, at the U.S. Open and he’s become an Olympic gold medallist. Not only that, he’s consigned to the past any suggestion he struggles to express his emotions; both he and his wife, Kim, have demonstrated an impressively broad and emotive vocabulary at recent tournaments (top tip Kim: a spot of clouding will stop all those pesky journalists lip-reading).

Which vape flavour would this all-action, fist-pumping, 50-pieces-of-sushi-at-a-time munching ball of adrenaline be? It has to be NRG vape juice!

Would your e-cig flavour be Andy Murray
Endurance training. Dropped in the countryside and made to jog 20 miles to the nearest Wagamama’s

Enjoy the tennis!

Whichever flavour you choose to vape during the tournament, make sure you enjoy the matches. Anyway, we’d better get back to work now.

Come on Andy!

We’ll get back to work in a moment. We’re just researching next year’s blog right now…

Andre Agassi photo by Shinya Suzuki and Andy Murray photo by adifansnet, both used under Creative Commons Licence.

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