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History’s Greatest Vapers


History’s Greatest Vapers

E-Cigarettes — a 21st century delight, a modern marvel. We can’t even talk about the dark and desolate days before Strawberry & Mint e-cigs. And yet so many of the famous, the interesting and the fictional never experienced it.

Outraged by their untimely existence, we at blu UK thought we’d waste some time glancing back to the past. What flavours would Henry VIII have liked? Would Sherlock Holmes have had a blu UK™ Premium Kit or Pro Kit? We don’t know, but we aim to guess. Let’s climb through that vape-free tunnel of history and take a look at, ‘History’s Greatest Vapers.’

What historical figures would vape

Da Vinci

Not only would da Vinci have been a vaper, he would have invented it — the grandfather of the e-cig, the divine architect of vaping. Of course, he would have gone through countless ridiculous flavours and styles before he had it nailed. Beetroot and bacon, fennel and duck, kumquat, sea salt, they were all terrible and, quite frankly, gross. Of course, in classic da Vinci style, he got it in the bag in the end. His last sketch of vaping glory would have been the ultimate Pro Kit.

Henry VIII

Henry VIII would have been that guy you see at a party swanning around with all three blu e-cig kits: a vaping legend, an e-cig Casanova, if you will. He’d have held extravagant and excessive e-cig banquets with every flavour you can think of and all the kits in plentiful supply. We believe the Tudor preference would have been Cherry or bluBerry. Naturally, Henry would have been a frivolous vaper, probably changing flavours as often as he changed wives.

Henry VII's favourite flavour
Henry VIII: medieval vaping overlord

Marie Antoinette

Another pleasure-seeking vaper. Marie Antoinette — we like your style. We’d have lavish and indulgent vaping parties too if we lived in a castle. Although, it’s fair to say she probably would have went too far, leaving the whole of Paris in a calamitous e-liquid drought. A keen fashionista, ‘wee Marie’ as they called her, would have had a different flavoured e-cig to go with each of her costly silk gowns. That said, the freshness of the Menthol would have appealed to her slightly less than regular hygiene habits.

Hoity-toity vapingVersailles: The mecca for vapour-based indulgence

Sherlock Holmes

Fond of playing a melody on his violin between mysteries, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s deerstalker-hat wearing master of deduction would surely have pondered mysteries like the Hound of the Baskervilles over a Classic Tobacco e-liquid. While drawing on his ecig from a Pro Kit and savouring the nutty finish, the seasoned sleuth and vaper would have cracked yet another seemingly unsolvable mystery and dazzled us all with his genius. As his faithful friend and sidekick, Dr Watson would have provided Holmes with valuable assistance, sometimes by placing his safety on the line, others by keeping 221B Baker Street well stocked with e-liquids.

Those are a few of history’s greatest vapers, but who would you like to bring back from the vaults of history for a vape-based renaissance? While you have a think about it, order one of our Pro Kits and try some of our different flavours. Leonardo da Vinci would have.

Images by Sodanie Chea, lisby1 and flashcurd, used under Creative Commons licence


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